Elflord vol. 1 #3 Warp, Mar 1997, b&w.
1 Elflord vol. 1 #3 cover "Elfheimbane Dreams"
Alleyways behind the Temple Of Jade in Kathay: Kibu, mean spirited curly haired blond elf takes Windblade, a pool of magic from which the Mandarin can draw from, out. His sect will rule Kathay properly and to save it. Ravenclaw's Shades appear and tell them Ravenclaw is an Elfheimbane, a dark warrior who when coupled with a Sidhe, can...Hawk shows up for Windblade, "The rest of you can all hang and dance together in the air for all I care." Hui is behind Hawk, warning him of evil magic in the air. Ravenclaw uses this moment to firebomb the city from his ship (crew includes a one eyed monster, a girl elf, a few fat troll types, and a Srith). Hawk kicks Kibbi and grabs Windblade with a distracting help from Hui. Hawk refuses to leave Windblade. He has lost enough in this life. Hawk wants to use his boat to lure Ravenclaw away from the city...with Windblade as the right bait. A dark haired page nervously tells the Emperor what is happening. Fireballs of stone fall into the poorer sections of Shadow Market. Hawk tells Windblade to stop his ear splitting shrieking as a firebomb lands near their boat. On Tao in the Dragonsbreath chain, Greylone and his cat Luss watch via his crystal ball. The boat sinks, making Hawk yell at Ravenclaw——the boat was all he had. Mandarin flees while Hui fights the Shades, kicking their faces and avoiding their punches. Nung, one of the Shades, says, "By doze. He broke by doze." They are left on the ground with eyes closed..and Hui threatened to make this their last breath of victory——the one the Shades had over Hawk and Windblade. Greylone meditates watched by his three fairy boys while the cat sleeps on its back. The Elfheimbane without a past has found the vessel Sidhe of magic. Another who cannot have what he wants is in the bargain. He calls out to the One Who Waits, telling it he was with him in the past. It spoke to him when the dragons died. A giant turtle which comes up under Hawk and Windblade and boat, rescuing them. It tells them not to be alarmed. Windblade says, "Huh?!" and shrieks again. Hawk thinks, "Me too...!!" Ravenclaw is mad. One of his crew thinks the turtle wants to eat them. Hawk tells Windblade to stop screaming. Windblade thinks of all the terrible things the turtle can do to them...squish them, smashed them, drown them, eats them...The turtle just thinks, "What if you sit very quietly while I attempt to get you away from here?" Windblade responds, "Oh."