Elflord vol. 1 #4 Warp, Apr 1997, b&w.
1 Elflord vol. 1 #4 cover "Stardust"

Windblade admits to Hawk he is confused. The turtle sighs, "You're kind is so often, so easily confused." Windblade calls it good boy. It thinks he is a half wit. Hawk wants to move fast as Ravenclaw's ship comes in. Windblade waves, "Thank you friend turtle." Hawk tells him to cut that out and move. Windy—as Hawk now calls him, and Hawk venture into a cave (that Windy thinks is pretty) that leads to a volcano. Ravenclaw yells after them, bellowing, shaking the rocks off the ceiling and the volcano shakes "like pudding," as Hawk states. They encounter mountain Gremlins with pitchforks. They want to trick Ravenclaw and allow Hawk and Windy to follow them. Gremlins dance. Ravenclaw gets real close to Hawk and Windy. An earthquake (earth?) knocks the trio of them into a pit. They land in water. The turtle leads Windy and Hawk out a watery tunnel but Ravenclaw grabs Hawk's ankle. The volcano rumbles again and rocks fall and seal Ravenclaw into the small opening. The turtle claims the Gremlin chant has caused the volcano gods to awaken. The blasts seem to destroy Ravenclaw and his ship. Hawk will go with the turtle to Greylone's——someone owes him a boat. Below the palace, the Mandarin, in caves, has naked elves frozen into place so he can siphon off the powers of others, they exist as well springs for his pleasure. This place makes Kibu cold and bothers him. One of Greylone's boys, Kune, tells him it is time for bed. Jeet is asleep next to the other one who is sucking his thumb and has the fat cat sleeping on him. Greylone tells Kune that Hawk and Windblade are much more than just two elves. Under the silent moon, Windy is asleep like a baby, he and Hawk on the back of the turtle giant in a tent like open lean—to. Hawk says, "Hmmmm, like a baby. I guess it was all too much for him. Humph! Good thing he has a wise and experienced warrior looking after him. Ah, let him snooze. I'll keep watch while he sleeps. I'll just rest my eyes a bit first..." He falls asleep, both still on the back of the giant turtle. The turtle picks up out of the water and starts to fly.