Hawk & Windblade vol.1 #1 Warp Graphics, Aug 1997, b&w.
1 Hawk & Windblade vol.1 #1 cover "All the Lonely Places... part 1 of 2"
(was advertised in Elflord vol. 1 #4 as a 4-issue series)
Cloudshadow with her entourage (which includes Captain Kritzler) is at Ravenclaw's body, stuck in the rocks. There are only 12 pairs of coupled beings覧elfheimbane and Sidhe覧to walk Pangia. Kritzler tells her he is a human and his ancestors walked with spears. She tells him his kind have science far above the elves but lost the ability to do magic. She makes Ravenclaw reanimate. Kritzler came to trade with the emperor. He calls Sergeant Blaylock to help with Ravenclaw. They go to a zeppelin shaped like a shark. A boy emperor has just succeeded to the Jade Throne. Long ago, Pangia was a single mass but a meteorite crashed and ruptured the crust and caused the land to split, fragments drifting out across the ocean to form continents. It was magnetic and had strange properties. The point of impact is now called Crater Desert and at the center is the Sea of Floating Stones. Hawk, his hair in an uproarious tree and strands sticking out is on the stones with Hui Chen and they find the Cave of the Dragon. Hui suggests Hawk be quiet as they continue. They pass predecessors覧bones. Hawk tells Hui not to fool around, "You're as bad as Windblade." He wants Hui to be quiet as they near the inner chamber of the dragon. The find the dragon egg. The dragon, a dinosaur like monster rushes at them. Hui says, "We're gonna die," over and over. Hawk tells him to shut up. Hawk also says, "I should have brought Windblade." A cute kitten boy, Pliskie, is asleep with the three horses. Hawk yells at him to wake up. Hui holds the egg between his legs as he jumps onto his horse. Archipelago called Dragon's Breath is the island of Tao: where Windblade plays in a tidal pool. He finds a turtle覧a tiny one. Greylone tells Windblade and his 3 fairy boys that a legend long ago tells them that the Sidhe people once lived beneath the sea. The trio of boys keep asking questions, silly ones, about how the Sidhe lived underwater覧how they got wet, how they peed, etc. One warns Jeet not to get Kune all wound up. One wants to put the turtle in his sand castle. The normal turtle is Windy's pet and he calls him Mr. McTutt覧holding him up over his head. The turtle seems to transform into a strange human type turtle with bulging eyes. Windy is in a scale like bathing suit. He does cartwheels. A boy emperor, with a turban wearing, shirtless boy in front, rides an elephant in Kathay. The boy emperor is Po Yi, son of Fong Lai Xiao. Cloudshadow comes to the Emperor Boy to apply as his tutor. Hawk and Hui have given the egg to the boy as a gift. Ravenclaw plots to make the streets run with blood and have the Boy Emperor's skull as his goblet.
  A superb backup story: "Samurai: A Silent Tale". By Barry Blair and Colin Chan, cover: Colin Chan.
  An impressive masterpiece of "art only".

A teen, flanked by a boy with a similar Oriental hat and a boy with a German WWI style hat on, walk in rain and in grass, just off the jungle. A wolf creature of some sort sneaks behing them, but the teen seems to be aware of his coming. The monster attacks, but before it does, the tall boy takes his sword from the taller boy. The creature seems to bite or try to bite then dives upon the teen, who disappears.
Scared to death, the two boys come eagerly to the rescue when the beast no longer moves, and the teen gets up from under its bulky body, returns the sword to the boy who holds it for him, and they resume their journey.