Hawk & Windblade vol.1 #2 Warp Graphics, Sep 1997, b&w
1 Hawk & Windblade vol.1 #2 cover "All the Lonely Places... part 2 of 2"

Windblade meditates and thinks of a place and using a technique Greylone said could allow him to jaunt to he finds a female Sidhe in the spirit realm, but he was trying to visit Hawk.
The Mandarin and his boy go to Hawk and Hui Cheng, telling them that the humans are not trading for the good of their being. Mandarin calls Windy "Windbrain." Hawk is sickened to see so much hatred of Sidhe and mostly against Windblade. Cloudshadow laments her people's loss but knows it was to her own benefit that she is one of the last few. She also thinks the elfin people are capable of great beauty. Her race, the Sidhe, she believes caused the lands to move. She wants to rule a new world. Kritzler tells her that Ravenclaw stinks. He used to love her before he died. Two little elves (wearing short cut vests) try to keep Ravenclaw at the airship but he is being called by some force and must go...it will make him more alive he feels. As Cloudshadow and Kritzler sneak up on a sleeping Hawk and Hui Cheng, Ravenclaw arrives and takes the egg. This wakes up Hawk and Hui. Once Ravenclaw eats the egg, he will live again more fully. Just as Cloudshadow changes her plans to include letting Ravenclaw eat the egg——part of a resurrection spell——and to use her magic to destroy Hawk and Hui, Windy, in spirit form and naked, appears, in front of Hawk and Hui cutting them off from her. Cloudshadow wants to splatter him all over the Nebula. Windy asks, "Why can't we just be friends?" Windy tells her he has more power than her and calls her a big ugly fatso. Kritzler runs away. Hawk and Hui jump Ravenclaw. Windy tells Hawk to let Ravenclaw have the egg, "Trust me." Ravenclaw and Cloudshadow leave, Windy banishing past her shield. Without her rightful mate, she is weak. Cloudshadow claims she is not fat nor ugly. Windy says, "You are too! And my hair is prettier!" Hawk asks, "We just let them go?" Windy says, "Don't stick your hand through me." Windy tells him if he has asked him to go on his egg snatching expedition, he could have saved them all some trouble, "Eggs hatch, you know." Hawk asks, "What are you saying?" When eggs hatch, they kind of go off, Windy tells them. The airship up, blows up. Hawk says, "It could have been us." Windy smiles, "Yep. I knew it all the time, yes siree. Knew it all along. That's why I'm the mighty white haired wizard and you are merely the Elflord." The baby dragon flies in the sky. "And will you stop sticking your hand through me?"
  A superb backup story:
"Wind & Water: A Silent Tale".
By Barry Blair and Colin Chan, cover: Colin Chan.
  Another masterpiece of "art only" story. No words are required when art is achieved.

Windblade in scaly tights drifts trhough the water. He seems to fall asleep and lands on a beach. Two wolves come at him. He smiles at them but they attack. He floats up away from their attack. He flies up past a cliff. Greylone sees this from his window in his high up house. He snaps his fingers and Windblade falls into the water. Greylone smiles.