Elflord vol.2 #1 Warp Graphics, Sep 1997, b&w
1 Elflord vol.2 #1 cover "Cuts Loose"

Foothills of Northern Kathay: elfin warriors battle the goblin host back to the Tiger's Pass in rain. Hawk tells Bran to get his second wind as he stabs a goblin back. Bran saw Goblin King go further back into the pass from which the goblins came. Many fall and lean on the wall, hurt and dying. Hawk shoves a wounded blond Goblin out of the way as he moves at the Goblin King, then uses his sword to cut him more. Druids have told Goblin King that the Black Nebula is cold and wet. This he tells Hawk as he tries to sword him from behind. Hawk kicks his face in and teeth come out. He also makes him lose his sword. The rest of Goblin's army has landed and is coming through the pass. Goblin King taunts Hawk, telling him he won't kill him. A kind of magic blasts the boulders to close the pass. Kritzler's airship blasted it. Blaylock is his sergeant. It has been YEARS since they have opened up trade with the elfies and they still don't trust the humans. Imperial City, seat of the Jade Dragon Throne: Hawk and others return on horseback, a heroes welcome. Falcon tells Hawk his clothes aren't the only vice he has. Hawk tells him his quarters reek with his conquests: the new one waiting is called Jasmine. Mandarin welcomes Hawk back, Hawk says, "You are a sight for sore eyes." They shake hands. Mandarin tells him that the Emperor is like a little child when Hawk is away: his favorite toy soldier is lost him. Bran and Springstorm (a skinny black elf here with dreadlocks and apparently both hands intact) bring in the prisoner: the Goblin king. He is ordered into the dungeon. Falcon takes Hawk away from Mandarin just as Mandarin began to explain the unrest in the kingdom. Purebreeze, cousin of Falcon, asks him and Hawk to go get a drink. Hawk notes Bran is too young to drink. Falcon explains the unrest: humans and human contact are not wanted. Windblade tears through the crowds to knock the wind out of Hawk. Falcon grumbles, forgetting about Windblade. Windy cleaned up the house. Falcon leaves Hawk to his "houseboy," and goes. Windy calls him an old one eyed poop. Windy is supposed to stay inside or cover his hair but he doesn't care how people react. Humans have more airships here and a whole compound near Shadow Market. This happened just after Hawk left. Springstorm tells a complaining Falcon (who calls Windy Windbrain) that he hates that little fluffball. Falcon wanted to know where Hawk's sentiments lie. Kritzler and men find an island of wild elf boys swimming. They use telescopes. At first, they think Cloudshadow is with the boys but it is another Sidhe female, one with two circular marks above her eyes. The airship is going to have crew go ashore.
All Warp Elflord issues by Barry Blair and Colin Chan.