Elflord vol.2 #2 Warp, Oct 1997, b&w
1 Elflord vol.2 #2 cover "Only Human"
Ancient place called Giant's Dance: Purebreeze, Bran (in muscular armor like Robin in 1996's BATMAN), Falcon, and others meet with a fatter Mandarin and his long haired boy elf. Windy, a cat, and McTutt watch this secret meeting of plotting against the Emperor. He was watching the stars. Falcon grabs him from behind and pushes him down off the structure he was on top of. Bran is eager to kill him. Purebreeze tells Bran they are not murderers. Bran tells her, "I am! Let me go..let me stick him." Purebreeze sighs, "Oh Windmill, you surely have done it now." Mandarin and Bran want to cut his tongue out. Windblade says, "You could cut off my hair." Bran tells them he will do it. Windy cries real tears, "Waaah, I don't wanna die! Waaahhhh!!" Purebreeze stops him, she won't let them hurt Windchime. She brings him back to Hawk. Yue Xin, Lady Bai Mao is the white haired Sidhe, now given a flower by elf boy Huo. She has come from the sea and new nothing of herself but now she feels she will be reborn. She senses that they make their own beauty. The humans blast them and pull all the elf boys out of the water and take the Sidhe girl and boys with them. The girl tells Kritzler they were destined to meet after he spills some lie that they he has been searching for her. Hawk was practicing his swords and didn't realize the little twit was out so late. Windy wanted to tell Hawk's fortune...the planet's are aligned in a special way tonight. Hawk will go with him next time. Windy thought he was too busy. Purebreeze tells Hawk more but Windhead wandered into it. Windy serves wine...he forgot to do the shopping. Purebreeze's group, the Righteous Order, want the humans to either share the airships with them or to stop taking so much of their culture and dividing up their own Elf Lands. Purebreeze thanks Windsleeve for the wine...at least that wasn't bitter. Hawk is not sure what side he is on. In the old days, no one questioned the Emperor. Windy tells him that was rude. He has known Purebreeze for years. Hawk feels he is being betrayed by his friends. He has known the Emperor since they were both children and he knows the others as long——since he and Windy came to Kathay. Windy confers with Greylone via a crystal ball on either side. Greylone wishes they would come to live with him on the island. He tells Windy he has much to learn but to go to bed for now. A human Cardinal arrives to head the Church of the Crescent Moon to convert the elfin folk to proper religion. The elf's pagan ways, he says, are feared by his people. The Emperor seems open to think about it. He takes Hawk out to the garden to discuss this and other things. Bran wants to kill the bunch of them. Last page: b and w of Hawk in leather in rain——concept of the front cover but with more body showing. Both cover and this black and white version are wonderfully evocative of ELFLORD and the dark mood conjured up.