Elflord vol. 2 #3 Warp, Oct 1997, b&w.
1 Elflord vol. 2 #3 cover "See No See"
Windblade (seeming to eat all the fruits and groceries before they get home) and Hawk are attacked by two older elf men who are spurred on by Kibu from a desk where he rants about the human's injustice. One elf had heard a human sucked the brains out of Quey Chung's prize pig. Hawk tries to get it stopped before it starts but has to kick the elf men's faces. He tells them they will die if they continue this. They run off. In the human world across the sea and devoid of sun, science: Cardinal has the elf boys put on a play with Hawk, Windblade, Falcon and others as characters that have to bend to the humans' ways. This is scoffed at by poet William Ashbless to the Kaiser. The Kaiser's wife is glad Gloria is envious. Kritzler is told by Kaiser that elves have burned churches, raped, pillages, butchered priests, and other bad press. Kritzler tells him it is an exaggeration. Yue Xin tells Kritzler he was born a general just after he is made one. Blaylock is now a Colonel. Yue Xin will have power in the land that has spurned her. Coast of Kathay: Falcon, Bran, Springstorm have killed elves. A boy elf cries, his people marched to die. Bran rejoices in this, asking them if the human gods protect them now. Falcon blames the human priest for killing them by converting them to human religion. Falcon cuts off the priest's head. Other bodies are hanging by their necks. Bran rejoices in Falcon's killing of the priest. An elf that looks like Dao marched the human priest to Falcon. Purebreeze arrives, angry at this slaughter. Bran tells her that the humans are moving too fast, changing their people. Hawk is being forced to take sides. Garden of Astral Delight: Cardinal tells of the violence the Righteous Warriors have caused. Po Yi is the Emperor and Hawk comes to tell him the truth. He remains at his side. Watching from a high perch up on a bridge, Windy tells McTutt that this mess is like one of the human steam roller machines. Good intentions will fill the walls with severed heads. Airships move across the sea toward the city. The hellhound wakes and the bitch is in heat again.