>Elflord vol. 2 #4 >Elflord vol. 2 #4
2 >Elflord vol. 2 #4 cover "Armageddon outta there"
Emperor talks to Hawk about wondering what to do if he should take the Cardinal's vows and change his own religion or not. Bran and another boy (Dao?) hide and watch Cardinal pass. The other elf tells Bran he is skulking again. Bran threatens him with a fat lip. Bran thinks, "One day, Kim, after the Cardinal is dead, I'll have you on the rack." I guess the elf with Bran is Kim. Springstorm tells Purebreeze that Bran has a thing for the Cardinal, "I think it's the robes," when Kim goes to the tavern to tell Purebreeze, Springstorm, and Falcon this. Purebreeze has a scar on her cheek. Windblade cannot get through to Greylone. Perhaps some magic he cannot sense...Sidhe magic is the only magic he thinks he cannot sense. Kritzler tells Yue Xin Lady Bai Mao that anyone will love you if you have enough power. Hawk punches Kibu's nose and gives him a bloody nose when he insults the Emperor, even though the Emperor did not take that as an insult. In Shadow Market, Windy sees Bran sneaking up on someone, thinking he is going to beat someone up or rob someone. He moves to stop him just as Bran moves to kill the Cardinal. A human shoots an innocent bystanding elf as Windy tackles Bran. Another one is shot. Bran tackles Windblade and raises his knife, "Now finally you die." The gates are open and the Righteous Warriors charge, Bran gets his head stepped on. Windblade calls as if he is worried about him, "Bran!" Falcon, Purebreeze, Springstorm, and others fight. Elves and humans die. Many are sworded down. Kim puts a sword into the back of a human. A human grabs Windblade who kicks off another human's back. Kibu is crying outside as Hawk runs to stop this. In the streets, Hui Chen calls Hawk to him and tells him the humans are shooting every elf down. He also tells him Windblade is there. Airships begin bombing. The Cardinal, his two boys, and Windblade are up on the parapet with the soldiers. Kibu shoots a gun and kills the two elf boys with the Emperor. Mandarin supports this. Kibu tells the Emperor to die and says, "Long live the Righteous Warriors." He shoots the Emperor. Purebreeze tries to stop Hawk from going back for Windblade. Hawk yells for everyone that can run to head for the docks, "What have you done, Falcon?" Hawk finds dead elves in the streets. Hawk spots Windblade and calls to him. More bombs drop and seem to fill the court where Hawk was!