Elflord vol. 2 #7 Warp, Apr 1998, b&w.
1 Elflord vol. 2 #7 cover "The best laid late plans"
Pagoo sleeps on Hawk's chest as they ride kangaroo animals over a mountain side and pass. Hawk accidentally wakes Pagoo up who looks up, smiling, and tells him, "I guess I'm the best of guides, Master." Hawk tells him that his brother Condor and he are different. He ran away to the sea while Condor chose this place of craggy peaks and cold. Pagoo yawns and stretches much to Hawk's delight (eyes closed and slight smile in Barry and Colin's traditional and very telling way). Hawk says, "And by the way, can you stop calling me master?" Pagoo says, "But I am yours. Your brother gave me to you." Hawk says, "Another thing we differ in." They arrive at the keep and the 30 soldiers who were there when Pagoo was last here, are gone. They enter a world of snow and stone homes, set within the castle. Four beings are eating. One is called Skivo, he has one eye totally white with a scar running down it, pointed ears, a star on his wool cap and large cape. Another is a long haired elf with straight blond hair and tight fitting clothes and holding himself from the cold. Another is a curly haired, pug nosed elf (male or female it is difficult to tell), also blond it would seem and with a long earred hat on with bells or something (?). The other is a large browed elf with cap with a star on it, an overcoat and gloves who leads Pagoo and Hawk on foot. They leave their Roo with the others, Pagoo hoping they won't eat it. The guide tells Hawk, "Your brother has been just squirtin' with excitement expecting your arrival." The trio arrive at Greenhaven, a cold city that no one knows the builder of, a kind of fort high up on the mountain. Human airships continue to bombard Kathay. Bai Mao tells Windblade they can shape the future but he tells her she lives in a world of her own making. She tells him she had toiled in the past and got nothing for it. She only wishes for what is her's. Windblade calls her a cold, shallow creature who has no idea what the world thinks of her. He shrugs her hand off his shoulder. Tank top wearing Pagoo (who took off his shoulder cape once inside) tells Hawk he came from the low countries, west of here. His family sold him to Condor because they couldn't afford to feed him. Hawk looks as Pagoo eats bread, fruit, and meat, "Maybe that jis why my brother gave you to me." Hawk tells him that the Chatalane said Condor would see them at first light. Pagoo asks, "Before breakfast!?" An oriental elf in one piece tights comes to tell them the master will see them on the observation deck. Pagoo laments he is not finished——there is still food left. Hawk cannot remember the last time he saw Condor. Condor has a hard face but looks a lot like Hawk and wears black leather top, gray cape, and boots. He tells Hawk if Pagoo didn't do his job of telling Hawk not to come——he will have him flogged. A war separated the brothers so long ago. Pagoo thinks (as he eats) that Condor looks so different from when he left. Hawk puts his hand onCondor's shoulder, asking him to become involved. Condor tells him not to lay hands on him, "We are not that familiar." It took their father a long time to die and Condor was the only one there for him. He watched as his father realized his favorite son would not be coming back——Hawk. Condor tells Hawk all he cares about now is the floating witch...Nendo! She is surrounded by three boys in black with black masks and a long hanging whip like thing on their face masks, only their nose, eyes, mouth, and ears seen. "Nendo!" Pagoo points. A witch. She was let in by Condor and now controls everything here. She has long hair and a big fat body, elf ears, and drooling mouth. They will ignore the coming war. Hawk grabs at her ropes that hold her clothes on, "You filthy cow! I'll..." One of the boys and the Oriental one hold Hawk back. She tells Hawk she creates her own reality and Condor's as well. She tells him there is no room for him or his war and she calls him little brother more than once (is she is sister!!!?!!! or is she just using the name Condor would have called him?). As Nendo retreats, she floats off with Pagoo in her left hand and her two other boys on her back. A trap door opens and in drop Hawk, the Oriental boy, and the boy in black. Beneath are flames. Hawk and the Oriental boy land on a stone jutting out of the wall, the boy in black falls down. Hawk lands on top of the Orinetal boy. Hawk punches the Oriental in the face, "Get off!" Hawk wants to know how much Pagoo knew about all this...did he lead him into a trap. Hawk plans to show them reality and every last one of them will know it and it's going to hurt. A drooling dragon—snake monster with two small legs on either side of its neck area) turns a corner and the Oriental boy yells, "No!" It is coming out of one of holes in the wall along the small ledges. It bypasses the Oriental boy (who is yelling EEEEEEEEEEEE!!) and heads at Hawk.