ELFLORD Vol. 2 #8 Warp Graphics, March 1998, b&w, unpublished.
0 Elflord vol. 2 #8cover COVER: Greenhaven Siege as Hawk and Windblade (?) ride horses on red rock with a blue sky behind them with white clouds and a bit of green lower to the ground——dust kicked up perhaps.
Also: kangaroo—squirrel like life forms, five of them. Also a blue teddy bear on Hawk's horse with him. (Two versions of this cover?)by Barry Blair and Colin ChanGREENHAVEN SIEGE: War explodes in the Crater Desert as the human armies, led by the maniacal Colonel Kritzler, sweep the elfin defenders aside in their rush toward the Skytorn Mountains. Hawk Eric—San and his warriors must fight a desperate battle in the high mountain passes to save Greenhaven from total destruction. Meanwhile, Windblade begins his quest for clues on the whereabouts of the last heir to the elfin empire.