Legend of the Elflord vol. 1 #1 Davdez Arts, Jul 1998, colour.
1 Legend of the Elflord vol. 1 #1 cover All the "Legend of the Elflord" issues: art by Barry Blair with Colin Chan.

Kritzler comes with a light scoutship, close to Greenhaven, chasing Hawk and others. Purebreeze and Pliskie blast the balloon. In Cathay, Bai Mao and the Cardinal share their plans, and decision is taken to kill Windblade. Thanks to his magic ball, Windy is warned and can escape, with some help from the Mandarin.
While the Righteous Warriors rejoice in Greenhaven, Falcon and Bran spy on the human encampment. Kritzler escaped the blasting balloon, and is recovering.
Eventually, Windy reaches Tao Island and Greylone.