Legend of the Elflord vol. 1 #2 Davdez, Sep 1998, colour.
L Legend of the Elflord vol. 1 #2 cover Bai Mao sends Nendo to help Kritzler by enlisting the Srith. They will dig tunnels through the Skytorn Mountains and attack Greenhaven.
With some aid from Luss, Greylone's magic cat, Windblade and Do are sent near Greenhaven; Hawk must be warned.
On their way back keep, Bran and Falcon are pursued by humans. Thankfully, Hawk and his bad of Roo-mounted warriors come to the rescue.
In Cathay, Bai Mao is crowned Emperess, to the desperation of the elvin people.
Searching their way towards Greenhaven, Do and Windy sneak into the Srith caverns. Nendo spots Windblade, and he is caught, while Do escapes with MrMcTutt.