Legend of the Elflord vol. 1 #3 Unpublished, colour.
L Legend of the Elflord vol. 1 #3 cover
After wandering helplessly in the deep snows of the High Corridor, Do is found by Springstorm and Kim patrolling.
In the Srith mines, Nendo gloats upon Windblade, her prey, and have him flogged so she could use his powers.
In Greenhaven, Do meets Hawk, who takes the decision to leave alone for rescuing Windblade.
Bai Mao visits the Mandarin, and wipes him from his collection of magical batteries, enslaved elves.
Now that she has Windy, Nendo shows her powers, disturbing magical lines and ethereal communications.Hawk makes his way to the Srith mines, but this is not without fighting.
Legend of the Elflord vol. 1 #3 sample