Lost Elflord Unpublished, Colour.
S Lost Eflord Page 1 Fives pages of an unpublished Elflord issue. They have been sold at auction at eBay.
Page #1 (at left) was the only one coloured by BB and/or CC. The four others are being (2001/01/29) coloured by an amateur. Result is quite fair, and shall be "published" here later.
Story begins with Pagoo questioning Windy about his cristal ball. The boys begin to play when the ball hovers up.
Call from Greylone. Windblade's presence is required. Now!
Page four has Windy "landing" belly down on the ground, warped away with his usual backpack (but without McTutt). He is ironically hailed by one of Greylone's servants, and they (probably) will go on some quest.
Page five shows another of Greylone's boy (don't have time to look if he is Jeet, Kune, or Do) splashing in the same way in front of puzzled Pagoo. He had been swapped with Windblade.
Very sweet drawings, and fun situations.
Who knows, maybe we'll get the end some day. In another life, that is :-)