Bianca #1 in Sizzle #12, b&w, december 2001, Adult
1 Bianca #1 sample page 8 pages in this issue, by Barry Blair and Colin Chan.

As different as the comic may look, the plot really seems to follow the Legend of the Elflord and Lynx series.

Humans enslaved most of the elves, but for a few warriors under protection/help of sidhe magic. All the human technology can't fight this magic.

The Cardinal is in charge, and sending Bianca on a mission. She reaches a remote place in the Desert Crater, where a sybarite woman is heading sort of a temple. They captured Ichi, a wandering sidhe, and have him writing a book of magic, for the humans to counter the sidhe magic.

Pages have been painted, and sold on eBay. B&w printing on toilet-paper does not help the final look.

Explicit adult situations. We have Windblade, Purebreeze and a Righteous Warrior showing, and clothes are scarce at the most.

Art is very achieved, and situations look a bit less focused than the Sapphire NMB