Children of the Night #1
Night Wynd Enterprises, 1992, b&w.
1 Children of the Night #1 cover Boy goblins taunt Nadia who wants out of her dark world of (hell? )a devil imprisonment. The two boy goblins (one with a ring in his nose) tell they are not happy here either. Both goblin boys have four fingers on each hand. They have a book that teaches the dance of awakening to open a door for them to go through to live again. When they dance on the other side, they can go through.
DANCE OF DEATH: Dark skinned and black haired Matt (in longer shorts with a belt around his shoulder for a carry case, no shirt) and blond Carl (in a jacket and no shirt and bathing suit) are on the beach. Matt finds a book with a pentagram on it and keeps it, thinking it is cool. They are going to be late for class, Carl angry that their parents enrolled them in the crap during holidays. At a book store--Arkam Books, someone named Renny will be back for Blaylock and Powers books next week. The store man, Hue, tells him he should try de Lint. Renny asks if that is that feminist writer. Hue feels a tool has been sent into our world, a key, the Dra Kaco Orphion. He senses an old familiar feeling. Lay lines shift. Beach front studio: An older man helps Miss Murphy get her ballet class of boys practicing. He tells them to think of butterflies in spring. One boy with a ying yang symbol around his neck on a necklace, asks, "How about Ninja Turtles in a sewer?" A storm makes lightning as Hue stands on a beach cliff. Murphy tells Matthew to tuck his tummy in and touches it to make him do so, his shirt riding up to show skin. She tells Carl to relax, he is trembling (Carl, here, has darker hair, possibly brown-ish). Murphy tells Mathew (strange spelling) to stop fiddlingwith his tights and come over to her. Matt tells Murphy he is sorry he is really klutzy today. He tells her he and Carl found this old book, it's real old...and he thinks, "Like you." The old man plays the piano and it is as if it is playing itself, he thinks. Murphy wants to do a dance in the book andthey do. Nadia and the two goblin boys dance. One boy is bushed and has to sit out and something happens to him. The old man plays harder and harder, his hands getting bloody and burning. A fiery pentagram appears under them.The boys cannot stop dancing. Murphy yells at them to not stop. Carl burns, his leg first, then more. The old man is dying as he plays. The boys cry as they are consumed by flames. Flames engulf other boys' heads. They sweat and cry. Another boy does a split and a four fingered hand reaches up and grabs the boy's legs, then chooms him apart. Nadia with fangs and her goblin boy come up as the boys' clothes burn and they fall over on fire. Hue feels this and almost collapses, "The bitch is in heat again." It is her world now she claims. The old man asks for help. The demon comes up and fires a fireball which goes through three dancer boys' lower chests. Murphy tells Nadia, "Two hearts beat as one." The goblin boys are biting into the dancer who wears the yin yang symbol. They bite a leg each, exclaiming, "Lunch." The boy is crying. The four fingered demon comes up through the floor. The goblin boys have the boy's shirt off and feast on his flesh. Nadia feasts on the old man.The demon burns the boys some more and tells her he will have her again someday. The boys, zombies now, dance. Hue knows he is too late.

The "Children of the Night" cover arts are not exactly representative of what can be found inside. One could think those are Adult comics as "Vampyre's Kiss" are, but they are not. To make your mind, have a look at some of the inside pages. #3p13 #3p14 #3p15