Children of the Night #2
Night Wynd, 1992, b&w.
1 By Peter Palmiotti and Barry Blair.
Nadia finds two graffiti vandals, one spray painting Life Sucks on awall at a train station. On the background is a sign that says DRAGON FIRE!One man is Hoppy. Nadia tears Hops apart and smears him over the wall afterthe other one leaves. A lady on a train tells "Walter" she sees an arm underthe wheel. Nadia gets on the train. A woman with dark hair is pointing afinger at an Oriental boy who is laughing at him. Next stop: Prospect Park. Ablack man yells at what he calls gooks to talk in english. Nadia takes theblack man who almost gets to see the light and get away from her, off thetrain. She entices him to the in between section. A man watching says he wasabout to make a move on her but his pal says, "In your dream. Yeah, your wetdreams." She kills him by tossing him through the train. The others in thecar are attacked by her. Someone calls the Motorman but he runs out. Nadiauses her hand to rip off one man's head. His name is Jerry. Nadia knocks onthe door for the motorman who is calling for help. They are between West 4thand 34th streets. She chokes the motorman. Walter and wife go to stop her, telling her they know she is a vampire. She says maybe once she was but nowshe is much more. A cop comes in and shoots at her but the bullets go throughher and hit the two Oriental women. The boy gets down. As the others retreat, an old man takes out a knife to buy them some time. He plans to attack Nadiabut she tears his heart out after ripping another's head off. One man runningis called Frankie. Someone helps the ladies who are hurt (?) or did they dieand there are other ladies to help? Walter and wife wait on the train tracks(?) as the train toots. Donut eating cops at the train station point guns atthe train as it starts to come toward them. Frankie and his pal get theOriental boy up to the police off the tracks. Nadia drives the train in, beheading Frankie and killing many police. There is one person with aheadband on that hears her says, "Now that was fun." The guy says, "Hello."She says, "Just tell them Nadia's in town." She walks away as he says, "Yessir."