China Sea (graphic novel)
Aircel Comics, 1989, b&w.
1 China Sea cover PicsL/Troy Adams with his friend Johnny Quebec are soldiers of fortune, who with their flying boat, a PBY, go anywhere and have contacts in most places so that they can grease the palms of government officials who may slow them down at the borders. They run a cargo service. Troy and a guy named Vic Ling were once mercenaries and both made mistakes they are ashamed of. Vic wanted a licensed cargo plane into Tibet. Vic last saw the kid, his son, a long time ago. Vic put the kid into a monastery, temple of the Fire Dragon, since his mom died ten years ago. In a test or practice, the kid fights a great big guy who is in a loin cloth. Han Yuen is the boy's name. A rocket attack by helicopters destroys the temple and leaves Vic and the monks dead or dying, some run for the hills, and get away. Vic jumped in the way of shots fired by Valdez at Vic's son Han Yuen. The attackers get the Fire Dragon statue. Before he dies, Vic asks Troy to take care of his son. The kid didn't cry. Troy is left worrying. Hong Kong: Victor Valdez and a henchman bring it to Fatman, who has girls in his abode. Johnny is drunk (drinking like Jacques the Bear). Han Yuen is gone. Yuen is brought by boat to the docks and he meets a man with a brim hat who looks English. This man says he will bring him to where he can find the idol but he brings him to a gang of knife wielding men who get beat up by Yuen. Troy and Johnny find a man fleeing from the kid. The man tells them the kid is a bloody gun-fu master. Troy tosses the man off (the Englishman?) and runs to help Yuen with Johnny. A cap wearing man pulls a gun but Johnny shoots two holes into him. At the
Waterfront, a Brit Inspector named Charley who tells him the Fatman is in Huang Shan. Johnny asks, "Hung what?" Yuen tells them the fire dragon can be awakened using the idol. Troy figures the kid has put off his grief until his father's death is avenged. Valdez meets the Fatman on the Mountain. Entire islands supposedly vanished beneath a dragon's breath. Conjurors, the legend says, put the dragon down to sleep and then magically sealed it into the mountain. The fire dragon is the key. Valdez thinks some Godzilla like creature will be freed to stomp China. Three of Valdez's men, one black, hold Uzis on the trio as they ask for information in a tavern. They fire; the trio take care behind the bar. Troy shoots the black one in the head. Yuen is hiding behind a stall or something but unable to move. Johnny jumps to the table where the two remaining thugs are and he shoot one. Troy jumps the survivor and shoots him in the face. Johnny gets a shoulder wound. Instead of using the alcohol for it, Johnny drinks the liquid. The bald tavern man feels the killers must pay and he lets them take his jeep. Fatman has a girl with black hair and in a bikini raise the fire dragon up and he calls out an incantation. Johnny, Troy, and the kid Yuen run on foot, getting out of the jeep as rumbling starts. When Troy asks Johnny if he has any ideas, Johnny says, "Get drunk!" The bad guys shoot out the bottom of the bottle he is holding, making him mad. A crack under Fatso engulfs him in flame. The idol rolls near Valdez but Troy steps on his hand. Most of his men are being shot dead by Johnny. Valdez fights up at Troy. The kid makes the mountain unite with him, feeling his peace. The girl touches his shoulder but he just hits her, "Fool girl, there is no dragon! It is the volcano the idol holds quiet." He tells her a range of volcanoes will spread like a plague throughout all of Asia. She says, "Oh." Johnny ducks as a blond (a girl?) shoots at him and hits one of his own men behind Johnny. Johnny then pow-pows him dead. Despite Valdez's playing dirty, Troy wins and gets hold of the idol which smokes in his hands. They return it to the Tibet monastery. Han Yuen, the monk says, has always been a good boy. He is out now by his father's grave, which is marked by a cross--he was Christian. Troy says, "He was a good man." Yuen says, "Like you." Troy tells him he likes the kid even if he is weird and if the kid will have him, they will look after each other. Han Yuen tells him, "I think we look after one other." Troy says, "Fair enough".