Born to Kill #1 Aircel Comics, May 1991, b&w.
1 Born to Kill #1 cover Troy was waiting in NY at the Lexington Ave subway platform for hisemployer Hotachi Kimura. Troy just arrived from Kennedy Airport after a 14hour trip from Hong Kong. Troy was born in the East, near Burma. His dad wasa member of the Flying Tigers who fought the Japs for Chiang Kai Shek and theChinese Nation before America got into the war. He was brought up in Taiwanand flown all his life. Troy has been working for 3 years for Hotachi whoruns Asian Art Imports, artwork to sell in the States. Hotachi is Japanese.Hotachi sponsored Troy to get Amer-Asian kids out of Vietname and back to theUS for adoption. In the East, they were abandoned, considered non people,persecuted. Hotachi had foster parents lined up for them. The Hmongtribesmen, close to Cambodia, has other uses for the plane, took it andkilled the kids, only a few of them escaped into the jungle. Hotachi's hairis thick and long. An Oriental girl, Susi, and her "hot buns" girlfriendbald Muffy, shoot submachine guns into a group of yuppies and run. A blondboy named Eric (who seems somewhat Chinese) is in a short sleeved improvisedleather jacket. Lin, an Oriental, tells him he is just a fairy but that hisgang (the Dragons) could use him (using the word "blood"). He also mocks thathe is off to ballerina dance class. Eric wants to get out of Canal Street oneday. Lin tells him his dad dropped dead in the fish market, his mom works inthe sweat shop with Lin and the gangs' moms, making clothes for rich whitekids uptown. The Vietnamese Born-To-Die kids are ripping their guts out. AtLo Fan's place, their gang got shot up today. Eric has long hair to one side(looking like Eddie Furlong from TERMINATOR 2). Lin tells a cop off, tellinghim that when he gets demoted, they will be by his shit beat to drill himanother asshole. Eric tells the officer thanks for his help anyway. Anotherblond kid, named Peanut or is that Eric's nickname--this Peanut is dressedlike Eric (?) goes to Gennin Kimura's ballet class. Here, a business suitedViet man is trying to get protection money from Gen. Troy arrives and gentlytells him to get lost. He also meets blond Val, Gen's girlfriend. Troy thinkswhat a jerk he was--thinking a night with him would cure them. Si Fu is readyto change all of Chinatown. Businessmen try to enlist Hotachi to help them.Hotachi tells them they have been paying money to the Tong and Triad foryears. Gerald, one of them asks about him and the Yakuza. The businessmentell Troy the Chinese organizations run Chinatown from Hong Kong and Taiwan.Viet gang members came from Saigon. Kim, a business suited Oriental man (andapparently the same one who tried to shake down Gennin) tells the others toget going. They have a monk and two monk boys. The monk tells them a thingcame over with their ancestors: it brought the plague and killed thousandsbefore they sealed it up in a temple. Kim kills one of the monk boys byslitting his throat. The boy falls and his blood rushes into the cracksaround the door. This makes the city shake. A hand comes out of the crack onthe wall and the claws reach around the monk's head and squash it. Shengren,the demon climbs out. Gen tells Troy that she and Val worry about all theirkids. Eric runs to the pier where the rumble is to take place. Eric now wearsa short sleeved leather jacket over a short cut tank top shirt, and checkeredtight vinyl pants. The gang members are also wearing black leather jackets,headbands, a kerchief. There are about four of them. Kim shows up withShengren who uses one clawed fingernail to rip across one boy's front--fromchest to belly, killing him. He also grabs another and smashes his face in.Eric, Lin, and Lin's brother run. The demon shoots fire out and fries Lin'sbrother into a skeleton! Eric and Lin hide behind a brick wall. The demon isnear a fence and puts his claws right through the wall and the points stickinto Lin's back and out Lin's chest and stomach. Eric jumps off the pier intothe water. When Gen and Val, one arm of Troy around each, go toward home,they find Eric hiding. Troy knew that his whole life was about to change.