Born to Kill #2 Aircel, Jun 1991, b&w.
1 Born to Kill #2 cover First page is a full shot of Eric, one piece of hair hanging down onthe right side of his face, a short cut tank top on, and checkered shortpants, in the dark. A contrast of boy and darkness behind. He runs indarkness, only to be confronted by the decayed forms of monsters...his formergang member friends...and then the monster Shengren holding him, ready totake his heart out. Troy is thinking, "Gennin and Val were pretty great allevening. I know they were both lesbians and loved each other but Ifigured...shit, I don't know what I figured." Troy is ready to leave Gen andVal when Eric screams, "...I felt like a fifth wheel as they put him to bed."Eric was dreaming the entire nightmare above. Troy is mad that the littlekid busted up his whole evening with some story about a monster, the littlefart. Eric follows him out, asking his help, he slipped out a window. Ericfeels like he let his friends down...and they all died. Troy knows how thatfeels. A clean up cop at the docks tells the pair that the four that died arefour less problems for them. Eric says, "Bastard." Troy puts his arm aroundhim, "Shhhh." Troy's hair is blond and long now. Shengren tells Kim and thetwo girl killers that there was a weapon forged by monks in Ancient Chinawhich can kill him. When Kim seems to mock him due to this, Shengren squeezeshis head until blood comes out his eyes and his head bursts. "While Eric andI were having breakfast as Gemini's, Eric's favorite restaurant, Gen foundhim gone. Gen tells Hotachi the entire story. He tells Gen he won't help lookfor Eric and Troy, there is something more important he must do. Troy tellsEric he moves in nice circles when he shows Troy the Viet gang's flop. Ericsays, "Blow it out yer butt." Troy smiles at the boy's bravado. Troy jumpsEric down from the bullets fired by Muffy. Troy is shot twice and gets up.Eric rams into Muffy as she fires Troy but Eric's hitting her,causes her to shoot and kill Susi, ripping out her side. She points the gunat Eric's face, "Filthy little prick." Troy punches her out, "Piss off,bitch!" Eric tells Troy, "Oh shit. This is my dream! We're in my dream...!"Behind them is the mantel design in Eric's dream. Troy concentrates on notmessing his shorts. Shengren (with pigtails) comes up from below, "Ah, Ithought we had visitors." Troy's nose bleeds. Shengren thanks him for that.Eric has scooped up the gun and shoots at the monster, who says, "Ah, yes...alittle to the left, please....ah, yes...thank you," as bullets bounce off hischest. Eric runs as Troy jumps at the monster. Troy dodges the fire breath ofthe thing, his ear singed by it. The monster leaves him to crawl away anddie, having more important things to do. Eric returns to him, he hid and letit go past him. Troy tells him, "Go away, kid..." Eric helps him to go upabove. He figures they have to warn someone. Troy tells us, "The little shitwas right..."