Born to Kill #3 Aircel, Jul 1991, b&w.
1 Born to Kill #3 cover Troy tells Eric he is getting on his nerves. He needs help but in shock, he tellsthe kid to get him to Gennin's place. He thinks Hotachi will believethem...and hopes so. Gen tells Val that Eric wasn't in class and is worried.Val tells her the kids are in the change room and Mr. Karibe is here with hisson Jamie. Gen rolls her eyes (nice drawing). Jamie apologizes for his fatherafter his dad, big shit in the community tries to get special attention forhis son. Jamie tells her she is way cool for an old lady. He has Asian butAnglo features, dark straight hair short shorts and a tank top. An old facedwrinkled woman reports to Yamatia of the creature. A man in a tie reports tohis Master about a special sword being in the vault (Yaks). Hotachi arrivesat the back entrance of their building. Hotachi is seen and called asshole.He tells them, they, the Flying Dragons and Ghost Shadows, think they are hotstuff. He Bruce Lee's the fight out of them by kicking their butts. Ivory inthe hilt of the demon sword is said to be from the teeth of a dragon. Thesecrets behind the sword were lost centuries ago. Hotachi tells Yakuza theirtime has time...they wanted to let Shengren do some damage before controllinghim with the sword. The monster seeks to kill off the children of the mostimportant families, which will leave Yakuza in control. Hotachi gets thesword off the man and using the enchanted demon sword kills the aides whopull guns on him. After only a few swings it can kill mortals totally,beheading, slicing, skewering. Hotachi recalls that the children of the mostimportant families will die: Gennin's house holds many now! Eric gets toGen's house with Troy. Shengren busts into the other side of the house andlifts one of the kids up by his knee. Troy knocks into the creature and outthe wall. Eric says, "Everybody out the front! Mr. Adams is screwed!" Troythinks, "I heard Eric's shouting and promised to kick his ass around theblock if I survived. And that was a big IF!" Eric attacks the monster whosays, "Ah, at last, a champion of youth." He picked Eric up but Troy elbowsit. It drops the kid and shoots fire but Troy runs to a fence. The backyardwas an inferno. Troy sticks a piece of broken off wood into the thing'smouth. A fire blast hits the wood but knocks Troy to the cold wall. He wasdown and couldn't move. Then he saw boots. To Troy the sword seemed to besinging a beautiful sword. In one cool picture, Hotachi swipes the creaturewith the sword.
EPILOGUE: Hotachi and Troy spent some time in the hospitalwhere Troy, who narrated this while story, was a real pest to the nursesbecause of these wild dreams he kept having. He was out after awhile andhelped Hotachi patch up Gen's place and put Hotachi's business back together.No one found out who wiped out the Yakuza even his successor didn't know.Tongs, Triads, Shadows, Flying Dragons, all back to normal. Troy got thewanderlust again and ended up in the China Sea once more. "It wasn't till Igot there that I found Eric stowed away on my plane. There was no time tosend him back, due to the evil plotting of warlord Rhee and his snake men butthat's another story..." Eric making a muscle, looking very Chinese now andwith a headband.