China Sea #1 Night Wynd Enterprises, 1991, b&w.
1 China Sea #1 cover Hmong attack Troy, a lieutenant, and two men in a jeep. The Lieutenantis DEA, having destroyed the opium of the Hmong. A grenade blows the jeepforward and the skinhead Bradshaw who was firing and killing Hmong dies. TheLieutenant gets shot in the back but Troy carries him. Eric warns Marcel tostart up the engine. Eric asks, "Which army is chasing us now, Troy?" Beforehe dies, the Lieutenant tells Troy something about a magic child and theleader knows about him. A man on the river bank watching Troy leave, knewTroy and their paths would cross again. He is flanked by his own native boysand soldiers. Co-pilot Marcel Charbenoit (different spelling) is certifiablycrazy. As for Eric (the little shit won't tell Troy his last name), he stowedaway. Eric is black haired now and very Oriental. 4 days later, Troy gotthings squared away with the US government. Troy's base is on Macao wherethings moved so slowly, Troy figures you could murder someone with thesmoking gun in your hand and still take 20 years to go to trial. Macao is aPortuguese City on the coast of China between British Hong Kong and CommunistYeung Kong. Eric jumps out at Troy who tells him to get in the jeep, "That'sjust another spanking I owe you." Eric says, "Oooh, spankies! Kinky!!" Troythinks that he hardly ever punishes Eric just let all his jokes and stuntspile up on a list until they reach that magic number and he will exact hisrevenge on the little bastard and probably kill him...slowly as he laughs.Eric insults Troy, teasing him. Eric tries to get Troy to go swimming andpulls his cute routine. Troy thinks he is gonna barf. Troy takes Eric to thewater. Eric in skimpy underwear goes in and cuts his foot on a rock. Troyfools with him, telling him it was a man o war jellyfish and that Eric has 3minutes to live. Eric looks at his foot, "Really. I'm gonna die?" He standsforlorn behind Troy, who smiles. Alice, at the Alice's Place tavern, tellsTroy he can't bring underage punk in but Troy asks about all them underagegirls upstairs. Troy buys on credit. Eric says, "I'm dying, Alice, a fishstung me." She tells him he would be dead already. Eric punches Troy'sshoulder. Troy leaves in the jeep with Eric, telling him his foot might havebeen stung by deadly action poison fish venom. Eric yells, "What?!?" Wang isa mystic who lives on a cliff. Eric teases him, acting like the man is anAmerican Indian. Wang and Troy know each other 20 years and he has alwayscome for free information. Wang has a lumbago that is acting up. CambodianDrug Lords, Tong, Triads, maybe even BTK know where to find the magic child.The boy lives on a magic island, the Isle of Seven Horrors in a mystic templeof ghostly visions. Eric wanted to go; Wang wanted them to go warn thefollowers of the magic kid and innocent villagers. Eric gives Troy the coldshoulder. The jeep falls off a cliff. Someone throws pointed stars at themand it hits a tree near Eric, "EEP!" Two black tight wearing boys arrive,jumping Troy down. One has nunchuks around Troy's neck. Eric fights the otherone and kicks one into Troy's head. He also gets kicked. Troy elbows theother one and pulls his gun on the second. Eric's eyes cross. Troy bops theNinja on the head and he and Eric run. They heard gunfire coming from theirplace. Marcel, who uses the word TABERNACK, shoots a soldier coming athim--the soldier had a grenade. The soldier falls and blows up. Eric withTroy's cap on and Troy come running. Marcel starts up the Buzzard--the objectthe killers want to destroy. Eric gets their things. Afraid of their boss,General Nguyen, the soldiers rush them but Troy shoots many of them. Morearrive. Tory wonders if Marcel let the kid at the controls of the plane as itstarts to take off. Another boat comes with gun turrets. The plane takes offbut the two ninjas hang onto the wing as a boy soldier fires at the plane.The wing smashes into the other boat's gun area.