China Sea #2 Night Wynd, 1991, b&w.
1 China Sea #2 cover Flying over Sector 24, Marcel, Troy, and Eric see a U shaped volcano.Lo Chow and his men attack monks and their flock. When he tells his men toshoot everything in sight, one of his men tells him they are only defenselessmonks and their flock. Lo Chow shoots his own man in the face. Female Fan Lustabs a knife through a monk Shan Foo, betraying her own monks. The magickid, Hao Shu is captured along with another boy. Lo Chow (Oriental and with apony tail) and Fan Lu are lovers. Ground troops fire and hit the Buzzard andit goes down but Troy makes it hit the lagoon. Thong and loin cloth wearingnaked native boys, two or more with long sticks or bones through theirnostrils, point spears at Eric and Troy (who envisioned roasted him, candiedEric for dessert, and that the natives would probably all die of foodpoisoning if they ate Marcel). At a high tower, Lo Chow has monk boys, Lin,Quay, and Trong tied up and in their underwear only. They tied with theirhands behind their backs. These are Hao Shu's personal servants, found hidingin his quarters. They throw one boy off. When the magic child won't allowthem to use his powers to change everything, they toss another one off. As LoChow picks up the other one, the bald monk boy cries. Hao will work for them,thus stopping them from killing him. Eric whimpered all evening while Marceljust didn't smell right. Troy tries to be brave for Eric but Eric seesthrough it, "What a dork." The Chief comes in wearing Troy's cap, "I am DaFeng of the Monkey Tribe." Another tribe boy wears Troy's flight jacket onthe way out. Troy tells him they are the smiling good guys. Da Feng puts himto the test: he will fight 3 of the best warriors over the Well of Death.They fight with ropes tied around them over a pit that no one ever returnsfrom. One boy stabs Troy's shoulder but gets elbowed away. One boyaccidentally cuts his tribesboy Shou's rope. Shou, looking somewhattoothless, falls. Troy cuts his own rope and looks for Shou, who is tied upin a tentacle or tongue of some monster. Da Feng dove in right after Troy,quite a feat considering all the superstitions he was up against. They getShou out, not sure they killed the monster or not. Shou falls unconscious onTroy's stomach. Da Feng tells Troy he wins. Troy, narrating, tells us that heshouldn't have let Eric be the decoy even though the boy volunteered, "It'sjust he's such an ass." Eric, wearing baggy shorts only is up a tree,baiting some of the soldiers, "Welcome to Sherwood Forest, Good Sheriff."Troy narrating, "See what I mean." DaFeng's tribe were merciless: it was abloodbath. Troy shoots through one soldier's head, others were spearedthrough the head and the chest. The tribe take the ammo and arms. Eric gulps,"T-Troy?" Troy puts his arm around Eric, "Yeah, I know, kid. Big differencethan back home. Huh?"