China Sea #3 Night Wynd, 1991, b&w.
1 China Sea #3 cover ASSAULT ON THE TEMPLE (title not stated this issue): Eric tells Marcel if hedoesn't talk much, the enemies won't know they are smarter than he. Troypulls his hair. DaFeng wears a necklace with a fanged tooth on it as he didlast issue. Troy says, "I'm thinking, I'm thinking---Eric shut up." The boyjust looked at him. Marcel leads some of the tribe boys through stones onwater in an old sewer conduit. He tells them to be quiet. One boy says, "ButMr. Charbineau, you're the only one talking." Troy knew he could count onMarcel, a tough, seasoned soldier who could handle a number of horrors inalmost any situation...Marcel at that moment was gasping, "Oooh lookie da bigbugs! I hate dis place. I'm all wiggly." A spider on a boy's hand. They wadethrough water but climb up on vines as it gets too deep. Marcel thoughtsomething was inside his shorts, "dare." DaFeng tells Troy his tribe waitsfor action (and we see at least one totally naked tribe boy from behind).Troy tells Eric he is getting to dislike DaFeng but Eric says the boy is justnervous. Troy wanted some of Marcel's imported Canadian beer, La Batts 50Ale. He recalled a time in Bangkok with a dancer...Lo forces the magic kid togive him the power. He screams. This gives DaFeng the notion that this is thesignal and he and his tribe attack. The soldiers are ready at the walls. Onesays, "This is gonna be like squishing ants." Their firing of guns killssome of the tribe boys, one totally naked one falls forward. Troy ordersarcher to open fire and they fire arrows (one sticks threw a soldier's mouth,another goes into a neck, two others into chests). Troy and Eric run pastthree fallen and probably dead or dying tribe boys, one holding himselfbetween his legs. Marcel and boys climb up the ropes to find sacks abovethem. One boy opens a sack and slime comes out and covers his body. A giantspider crawls at them. Troy shoots his way forward, telling Eric to stayclose behind him. He almost gets shot by one with a nose barreled rifle gun.Troy shoots him and then tells Eric, "I think that's the last of them, Eric."Three more come and shooting! Troy mad, shoots them, "Make a liar out of me,will you?" Lo, the drug lord turns around now-a monster. His eyes areglowing, no pupils, his face a hideous monster, "I am whole." Fan Lo asks,"Oh master, that is good, isn't it?" He shoots laser beams from his eyes andshoots them into her chest, "Die off, bitch!" Troy slings the monk boy underhis arm and pulls Eric by his arm as lasers fire at them. The drug lord haswanted to kill Adams for so long. He shoots lasers at a pillar which falls.The trio dive out of its way. Troy's bullets do not affect him at all. DaFengand three tribe boys (one with one tooth only) attack the monster drug lordwho slaps DaFeng down. He blasts one with his laser beams fired from hiseyes. The magic kid, Hao, uses some power to cause the drug lord pain. Itfalls through the floor. Hao tells them it will continue to grow and morepowerful. Soon, Troy figures, it will destroy the island and then themainland. He knew he must go down after it, down into the hole.