China Sea #4 Night Wynd, 1991, b&w.
1 China Sea #4 cover Troy feels real safe with three kids who include Eric ("my own privatepain in the ass"). The evil one is tapping into the Earth's power, Hao says,"Once he does that, he will omnipotent." Eric asks, "Does that mean he cannever have sex?" They find an offshoot in the wall that he made himself.DaFeng smiles, "Then we must follow and kill him." Eric is scared. Troysays, "We all are, Eric. Come on." The monster-former-drug-lord jumps downand finds the kids and Marcel in the spider web, ready to be eaten by thegiant spider. One is crying. One is naked totally. The demon drug lordpunches the spider dead. He needs three slaves so he makes three of the boyszapped into his slaves--they now have pointy ears. Troy and his three boysfind a dead end cliff. All Troy could think of was "It's Miller time." Themagic kid, Hao, makes the four of them float down to the water where Marcelis. Marcel talks about a giant spider which makes Troy think he brought abottle of hooch with him. Marcel goes on to tell of it being just like THIEFOF BAGHDAD or TARZAN'S DESERT ADVENTURE, de SHRINKING MAN. He tells Troy tobe careful it is like the 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD down here. The demon tells histhree slave boys to guard his back while he uses the shaft that goes to theEarth's core to become a supreme being. He jumps down into lava. DaFeng tellsthe three slaves to face his chief. One naked one and the other two jump him.Eric helps him fight them. "Peanut"--Hao is called this by Eric--pulls Adamshis way to stop the demon-monster. Troy says, "But Eric...the kid's a wimp.They'll cream him." Eric is on the ground, on top of one boy, "Piss off,Troy." The drug lord monster comes up, "Hello Adams. Behold ADAM, the faceof your death." The pair fight, Troy getting a bloody nose and a sore head.The monster will make his death last instead of just cooking him (to whichTroy says, "Thank you."). Hao's eyes keep turning white as he uses hispowers. Having punched his enemy down some more even after he wasunconscious, Eric jumps the demon monster who grabs his head, "Ah, theinevitable side kick. How nice." He starts to squeeze Eric's bare chest,"Let's see you pop, kid." Hao calls upon the powers of Earth, "mother of usall" (?) to stop the energy. He makes the power go out of the drug lord. Troyhits him and the drug lord falls off the cliff, his nose bloody too. DaFenghas finished off his other two turncoat boys (who were turned just due to thedrug lord's powers). A few days later, Troy and Eric with Marcel left thetribe. After bringing back the magic child to the monastery, it would stilltake them a day to repair the plane but Troy is happy that everything is backto normal...or as close to normal as we ever get. Eric is making faces atMarcel, calling him an old fart, "Come on," he tells Marcel who is tellinghim he will fix him good some day.