Demongate vol. 1 #10 Sirius, Apr 1997, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #10 cover Roundshoe the Third appears out of the demongate to Griswald, a gatekeeper. The whole structure has been displaced and the newest gate master, David Patrick, is lost in the gate wash. David, in his loin cloth comes up out of a lake, wondering where he is, not with Badger and Gen that is for sure. An Oriental boy goes to other sleeping Oriental boys, some with long hair. He has a candle and runs past beads into his master's hut or cave--a big man with no shirt on. The boys wake him. The master tells them this one is strong. He thought it was a dream that David came. He shows his fangs, "I want him!" He feels David will free him, "And all the darkness I have lived will melt before the sun." David has longer hair, rolling down past his nipples and shoulders and down his back, "I feel weird!" He feels like someone else's thoughts are in his head and hears footsteps. He hides at a tree as Oriental boys pass with long sticks or tubes. David hears drums. One Oriental boy has on a robe top and loin cloth,the other has only the smallest of loin cloths on with his whole side bare from shoulder down to foot. The master sits in his hut while two of his boys play drums. Lightning hits. The master seems to make this storm. David runs in rain in his skimpy loin cloth. Two boys blow darts at him.One hits under his right nipple, the other just to the left of his belly button. David gasps, "Oh!" A skull holds a candle for the vampire master. A snake goes around another boy in thong as the others play. A serpent will set him free. David is brought in by the boy's. We see the feet of one. Davidawakens, "W-where am I this time??" The man touches his shoulder as he turns to try to sit up, "David Patrick!! Welcome to my world!! This is your future!!" He shows his fangs. David's loin cloth string seems to slip lower on his leg. The Master created all this when he fell into the darkness, it is all his. The serpent looks at David. The master wants David to have it. Davidyells, "No!!" A blast comes from the top of the hut as the snake envelopes the dancer boy but not fully. Did he blow up? David elbows the master,telling him he created this place because he is weak. The master knocks David down, "I say what is or not! This place is where I am! This place is all I am!!" He wants to go home. One drummer stops playing and looks wide eyed as the Master turns into a monster form, his face changing into a hideous demon-ape-snake thing. "You are a gate master!!! Like me!!" David says,"Yes, I am the power!! Only in a prison you created by yourself!!"Soon they seem to be outside but aren't. The master asks David to let him go,"I can teach you!!" David says, "You already have!!" The master seems to have coils or tree branches around him, "This is not where I belong." David runs, "I want to go home..." He runs to a window and looks out at a tree andrain. David goes outside and runs. Soon it is light and not raining anymore.David seems small and his belly button is higher up in his stomach in one frame (strange to notice that but there you have it). Griswald tells Roundshoe because of his foul ups, the entire system is a mess. Roundshoe went to Dogstar Agency and told them he could control the gates. This wasn't Roundshoe's idea. "Hello, Griswald, my old pal," a voice says. They turn and see Mr. Dark. He tells them this David Patrick is quite a find and tells them David just defeated Mad Martin in his own world. "I want him, Griswald...and I'll get him!!"
  Four pages of unpublished art were auctioned on eBay, making the "REAL" ending of DemonGate issue #10.
Without text, but they look stating David had actually a dream, as he awakes at Griswald's, Badger having slept on an armchair in the same room.
Things are very relaxed, (as is David's dressing), and they have breakfast together.