Demongate vol. 1 #1 Sirius Entertainment, May 1996, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #1 cover The warrior from the ad walks, barefoot, in a desert. Things with arms, hands, and legs, wearing face masks and air masks attack. He swords through one, cleaving him. Some of the things he kills have tails and clawed feet and hands. A wizard is watching Badger, the warrior on a crystal ball between two skulls. His apprentice, Kai, a small blond boy in leotards comes in. The wizard read the ancient scrolls and found the foretelling of the change. He was the one who ran into the queen's chambers to tell her of the news and it was he who was banished by her. Kai also wears a frilly shirt open, a one piece beneath and open sided foot coverings. It was 3 years ago the wizard came to the queen. Soon, the foretelling said, they will not needto drink the essence of the young ones any longer. Her fat wizard is called Gramaldie and he has to be pushed around by small boys who wear two piece leather bikini tops and bottoms and have blond hair. One has long hair. Two have nipple rings on the chest area of their outfit tops. The queen wants to raid the villages again: her stock of boys in a giant bottle of half liquid is almost depleted. Inside, the boys are in the water. A small boy fixes up the hose to the bottle--he has on a criss crossed dual clothstrap over his chest and a rounded jewel belt on his upper chest, holding the straps. Below he wears a skimpy jewel belt and thong, an ankle bracelet on his left ankle and lots of bracelets on his left wrist going up his arm. A guard boy has on a black head piece, leading to his neck piece and cape, a top cloth of black and a belt with black short shorts. He holds along spear. Gramaldie has his left eye as a camera extension. Science has kept him and the Queen alive all these years while others have rotted away.The ancient scholars have written of an ancient door to another world. His machines may be able to track this gate and collect what ever may come through. He wants to do this for great wars to continue.
A dance teacher is told by the captain and crew that their boat is sinking. She runs to her boys who call her Gennin. The boys get up. They all run out in underwear. The storm came from no where.A fat man is yelling they are all gonna die. He tells Gen he will help her to the lifeboat on the other side. He puts one boy into the lifeboat, the Sirius. The fat man doesn't listen to the boy and drops the lifeboat down the wrong way. The three boys and Gen fall into the water. The fat man, who fel lalso, Gen, and a boy, David, get to the surface. Mark and Carl are swallowed by a giant whale. Gen asks where they are as the trio get to an inlet of an island.
The queen says, "In the name of the black confessor!" A dream woke her up. Two boy slaves try to calm her. In the bottle, two boys are on top of each other, possibly asleep. The Queen thinks Grimaldy has something to do with this strange feeling she had that woke her up.
David asks Gennin if they died. She doesn't think so. David looks for where the fat man went. Warriors with loin cloths and thongs on, hold spears on the fat man. They have studded wrist bands, hoods and neck-shoulder coverings and straps for food. They are told they are all prisoners of Queen Ahranel and are to be consumed.