Demongate vol. 1 #2 Sirius, Jun 1996, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #2 cover Braided hair Badger finds the group of three boys that are taking David, fat man Vic, and Gen. A dino creature that the warriors are wearing has its tongue out in anticipation of David. perhaps. A 4th boy sits up on a dino creature, always getting to be the scout, "It's always so lonely. I want to torment the captives!" Badger jumps onto his back, "How about if I keep you company??" He grabs the boy around the shoulder and stomach and throws him off, needing the beast. Badger comes, scoops up David in his right arm and tells him to be quiet while putting him over the dino creature anduntying him.
Far away across the burning sands, the city of Kahnstantophal, a slave boy uses a lite torch to bring the Queen and a hooded guard to the captive Gen and Vic. The slave boy, called Page Boy is lucky that she will use the three soldiers that brought Gen and Vic here as life essence since they lost the Chosen One--David. The page boy, hair down to his neck, gulps.The Queen and Gen do not really understand each other. Queen wonders how Gen has stayed young and beautiful. She thinks Vic may be a wizard. Vic tells her he is Iron Vic, a wizard so she has him released to come with her.
Renegade hideout of Griswald, high on pointed mountains. David wonders how long they want him to stand around, dressed like a dork--he now has a shorter pair of underwear with a three pointed spear tip on the back and front pointed down and a tied together top with mini (almost no sleeves at all) sleeves and athree pointed spear tip pointed up. It has a collar. The whale monster that swallowed Mark and Carl was a cappasiguard. Mark and Carl were found by the Oasis Longbend by Nomads---Badger insults almost everyone including thewizard (they say he is intelligent---just say). Mark, light hair is in a no sleeved, no shouldered one piece jumpsuit with ties on the chest and a collar. Carl, now looking Oriental and with darker hair than before is in a one piece with no collar and it has a dark side on the right and a lighter side on the left. In the center of his chest is a circle, the right side white with a black dot, the left side black with a white dot. Badger tells David they are dressed like dorks. The creature spit them out at the oasis. David says, "I missed you guys." David uses a wall map to figure the Oasis are all connected by an underground ocean. The wizard tells him their world is a desert planet like this for a long time. Badger puts his left hand on David's shoulder, telling him, insulting him as he does, there is a way to prove this and to rescue the woman David is so worried about.
  Includes a Map of Queen Ahranel's world:
The Queen wants to know how Gen escape the plague that killed all the adults inher kingdom. Grimaldy has three leather boys try to restrain her on the table in his lab. She kicks one between the legs and he goes, "ookk!" Grimaldy drools on his head as he hold shim. Iron Vic is from Poughkeepsie and used to sell old books there till his mom got him a job on the boat.
A page boy opens a curtain for Queen and Vic, who now wears a robe toga type deal. The pageboy takes up her tube. Vic sees the little buggers that brought Gen and himself here---trapped, short hair, in a giant bottle filled, one fourth of the way now, with liquid. Queen asks Vic to have a taste. He says,"Okie Dokie."
Badger and David are on a raft of wood with Mark and Carl as well as the wizard bidding them goodbye. Carl (whose hair looks light again in the tunnels) calls David a showoff. Carl has a hand on Mark's shoulder as they wait on the steps. David now has a black leather jacket with ripped off sleeves over his top---the top short cut vest is off. He has a belt with a sword attached to his skimpy shorts--no spear design so he has changed. Davidwants to prove the world is hollow. Badger says, "Like your head." The wizard tells them to bring him back something nice. David says, "Goupstairs!" David and Badger take the raft deeper into the underground cavern. Badger keeps calling David, Chosen One, so David asks him to call him David. Badger says, "Very well, it's better than dork!" Time passes: they hear a noise. Badger thinks David is trying to be funny. A cappasiguard rises up under the raft. David thinks they are stuck. Badger tells David, "No, myfriend. We are doomed!" Time blurs and the two boys are on top the creature for a while but slow down as they see a light ahead and a dam with four tunnels spilling water. Badger doesn't know what the word dam is, "Is that like a dork!??" David tells him, "Forget dork, will you?" David thinks they may have saved his world. Badger, with his thick lips and long eye lashes, says, "I do not like this David. I have a bad felling!!"