Demongate vol. 1 #3 Sirius, Jul 1996, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #3 cover THE END OF THE BEGINNING-Deep below the castle of Queen Ahranel, Gen is clamped to a table by her ankles and wrists, "This sucks!!" One of the leather boys calls his master Grimaldy. He is the wizard's apprentice and the boy was told to prepare her for dissection. A slave boy fans the Queen daintily while a page brings drinks and food, thinking of Vic, "He is so disgusting!" Vic will be king of New Jersey when Queen goes through the Demon Gate to take over Earth.
Grimaldy tells them of the progress he is making and plans to cut Gennin apart to Vic's relief--it is not him. Vic doesn't think the kneeling page likes him very much. The Queen asks the Page if they all love Vic. The page says, "Uh, yeah?" The boy that is about to stick Gen with the needle (and has skimpy outfit) gets stuck a few inches above his navel by Badger with the needle, "Oooh, you stuck me!" David says, "Can't slip nothing past this guy!" They free Gen who hugs David. Badger, who held the boy around the shoulder and back, know touches the boy's other shoulder and chest, "One little poke and he's stiff as a board!" The trio start to move out but Grimaldy arrives, held up by two leather boys. "Poor Sneebu, now he's an ornament," Grimaldy touches the boy's belly. Grim is all aquiver since the Chosen One helped the lady, "And they say chivalry is dead." He tosses the leather boys, "At them, my boys." One lands on top Badger who yells, "Go woman!" Another is on top David. Using a control device Grimaldy floats up with balloons and opens a cage. Badger points up as he has his hand on one of the leather boy's heads. From a cage come formless shadows with teeth and eyes. Grimaldy laughs as one boy is grabbed. A thong hits and Grimaldy asks,"What in the name of the Dark Hole is that?"
Queen wonders where Dewie, her page boy is. The fan boy thinks that the horrible Grimaldy is doing something nasty again and thinks, "Uh-oh," to the idea that the Queen wants to send someone to find out about the sound. Gen and the three remaining boys are cornered by the shadowy mouth monsters. The other leather boy screams. A giant whale form crashes through the metal wall into the chamber. Grimaldy says, "Oh poop!" Water pours in but the cappasiguard whale bites his body, separating it from Grimaldy's head! Dewie, the page boy, screams as water boooshhhes into his whole body as he is on the steps going down. Dewie comes flooding into the room of the Queen, body first. Grimaldy has constructed the dam. The castle starts to flood.
  Across the desert, the oasis erupts into a flooding ocean, sending geysers into the air and Desert Rats running.Griswald's Mountain is now an island. Wearing a circular necklace pendant and a long hanging loin cloth, blondish Mark calls Grissie out to tell him he was right about the water coming back. Oriental Carl says, "Now he'll be even harder to live with." Carl has a loin cloth also, hanging but not as far down and he also wears an open vest, no shirt beneath. Griswald tells them it was the Chosen One's doing. Mark tells them David cannot swim!! The whale surfaces with Badger, Gen, and David on its back, the other boy having been eaten. And on that day, David Patrick and his friends brought water back to the dying planet on the other side of the Demongate, thus completing the prophesy of long ago and in that way insuring themselves a place in history! What new and strange adventures await David, Gennin, Badger, Griswald, and all the rest on this new and bizarre world? Only time (and the next issue) will tell for sure, until then, take care and matter where you go, there you are.