Demongate vol. 1 #4 Sirius, Aug 1996, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #4 cover PIRATES: In one artistically beautiful scene, Gen swims in the water which is both high and low, rocks being seen from above the surface. Gen is worried that David is just moping about all day, Gen is wondering if he is homesick. David has on a long sleeved robe top with no shirt beneath, a necklace with a pointed bone on it, a long hanging thong and loin cloth, a large brimmed hat on his back. He tells Gen he can't swim in something he caused. Gen tells him if she hated him, she wouldn't be calling him Gilligan. Badger finds them,"What strange beings these travellers are. If he wasn't such a dork, I could almost like David." Gen asks David, calling him little buddy, if he is just going to lay around all day and feel sorry for himself, "By the way, that's a snail you're sucking on." David says, "Huh??" Badger calls him Chosen One, David tells Gen he hates that name and she tells David, "I bet Badger knows that." David asks Badger what's up and he says, "Birds." Carl is wearing long tights and a tie top with sleeves, looking very Orientally dressed; Carl has on long tights that cover most of his lower belly this time and he also has on a no sleeved tank topped vest which is open revealing on shirt beneath. Carl thinks this invention of Griswald's, one of many, may work.Mark says, "It's soo cool!!" Gen thinks Mark and Carl are spending too much time down here. Griswald has built a submarine. Badger pets a large animal badger, "He does have his moments!" Mark and Carl want to go home on the second trip, not the first. Gen is sorry she ever doubted the wizard.
Dewie in far away Kahnstantophal is hit with a fruit, tied to a pole. He does mind,"Oh poor me! All I ever do is try to be a good page boy!" Vic is using a slingshot on him. Vic tries not to think too much at all. He hits Dewie,"Dead in the head!" The Queen says, "Yes, yes you are." A page covers his genitals but the Queen gives him the slingshot, "Here, page, play with Dewie." An Oriental page boy serves them fruit to use on the poor Dewie. The Queen wonders if torture will get Vic to remember where the gate is. As she and Vic leave, the page boy with blond hair says, "My turn!" The Oriental one says, "Me next!"
Vic is behind the Queen all the way, no buts. She tells him that is good to hear and calls him Vickie Wickie. If he can remember where the gate is, she has friends who can take them to it via boat.
David, Badger, and Gen as well as Griswald, are in rubber suits. The young three have zipper collars up the neck. David tells Gen to stop moving around so much, she is giggling the whole ship. Gen is glad Mark and Carl stayed behind to mind the house. With one eye closed, David knew he should have went before they left. Griswald's island: the boys have a telescope set up. Little confusion ins setting the dialogs: in the next scene, the Oriental boy (who we know as Carl) says the following to the blond (who we know as Mark), "I gotta tell you, CARL, old' pal, this is not exciting!" Carl tells Mark this is not exciting. Mark tells Carl it could be worse, "Did you see the rubber outfitsGen and David had to wear?" Mark misses home so much sometimes. Carl wonders if it was wrong to give David all that water before he left. Carl puts a hand on his shoulder. Mark says, "You are such a..." Carl says, "Yeah, I know.It's a gift!"
EXTRA NOTE: Thus begins the Mark-Carl confusion which goes on into issue 5! The two go to see if Griswald invented Nintendo yet.
  And a superb back cover.
A strange many appendaged monster creeps along the cliff ravines. It has at least four arms, maybe more, maybe wings, and three toes on each foot.
Griswald's ship surfaces before a deep dive try. Gen scares David Patrick as he pees, "David Patrick, what are you doing?" Gen laughs at him. He says, looking forlorn,"Thanks, Gen!" Badger supposed the water is better than the never ending desert. They stand on the fin of the fish shaped sub. Badger tells Griswald that fishing for some dinner is a job for the Chosen One. David sits down,"Chosen One, Chosen One....can't you people give it a rest already?" Gris tells him he must forgive them. It is hard to get used to a foretold hero living among them. A shadow passes over and grappling hook hits the top of the fish. A female pirate and her crew (consisting of a rat being, a rag on his head chubby crewman, another rat, a man with a left hook for a hand, and a man wearing a pirate's hat with skull design on it) are hovering over in a sky ship. "I knew when the water came back, the fishing would be great!!! Reel them in fellas. That little fishie will be of some use in my war agains tthe Queen!!!!!" The fish is lifted out of the water with the crew on their stomachs, trying to get into it. TO BE CONTINUED.

BAO WAO WAO-A monsoon had washed away most of the jet boat dock the night before and Bao sat on the floor of the Macao Ferry Terminal drawing as travellers and he watch workmen clear the debris off the beach so they could take a rowboat to the shop plowing through the South China Sea to reach them.Using a note pad, Bao drew pictures of the kids around and gave the "models" their own picture. A kid and a woman in one of his pictures (from the StarFerry Dock in Hong Kong) that he still had, looked like Gennin and David Patrick. He recalled daydreaming about where the two were going as they got on the boat to Kowloon. There were a lot of tramp steamers and he wondered if they would take one of those bound for the wide world beyond. That's when DEMONGATE came to him.