Demongate vol. 1 #5 Sirius, Sep 1996, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #5 cover David writes another DEAR DIARY. A plane is on the front inside cover.Captain Fuego of the high sky seas has them, taking them to the hole in the sky where they will toil as her slaves for the rest of their lives. Griswald says, "Then we truly are doomed." Fuego says, "You're a happy go lucky fellow, aren't you?" Fuego wants Badger, the big mouth, killed. He says,"You can try! But it won't be that easy!" He kicks one pirate in the face.David is worried, "Badger?" Badger says, "Watch for me, David. I will be back for you!" As the pirates attack, Badger jumps overboard, "What a bunch of dorks!!"
Someone asks Carl what he is doing...and Mark answers, "Goin swimming...wanna come?" Carl is reading AKIKO and wants to veg out. Mark goes down steps, "Stuck up twit." Carl calls, "I heard that!!" Mark goes down and thinks nothing bad can happen on such a beautiful shadow yjaws seem to sneak up on him from the rocks. Gulls fly in the ackground.
CONFUSION NOTE TWO: Someone asks Carl what he is doing, okay and we see this from outside so we don't know from whence it came. Inside, the blond boy is reading a comic book AKIKO and the Oriental boy answers, "Goin' swimming...wanna come?" Thus, is the Oriental boy Mark or Carl; is the blond boy Mark or Carl? Later in this issue as the blond boy in his skimpy bathin gsuit goes out to join the Oriental boy, he says, "It's a dirty trick, Carl!!" Are they both Carl?
Meanwhile: a boy in a thong waves a giant leaf over theQueen. This boy has a flower in his lite hair. He is wearing nothing but the flower and thong. The Queen is on a blanket on a ship. Dewie is having weights put into his belt and he wears a collar of metal which extends over his upper chest but his nipples are bare as is his belly and a neck collar extends up. He has on a visible glass helmet with an air pipe on it. Dewie protests but a very small Oriental boy helping with the tube says, "This is fun!" He has on wrist-arm bands, a necklace, and a thong loin cloth. The Oriental boy is pumping fresh air to Dewie, whom Vic pushes over.The Queen thought Vickie Wickie was just a half wit but he says, "Oh hell no. I'm a whole wit!" The fan boy sighs.

  And a funny back cover : Dragon Island: Two cat beings, talk cattalk (Merror Aroow, roouh krooh, kirrow preeoo, herroo, merruh, meew). One has spots and carries a spear, the other has stripes. They find the bit offhead of the Queen's wizard Grimaldie. He asks, "Wha?" It screams and sends the cat people running off screaming.
Mark comes out with shirt in hand and in his bathing suit with some kind of round tie holding it on his right hip.He tells Carl it was a dirty trick using psychology to plant the thought in his head, knowing he would come out sooner or later to swim. Carl surfaces and spits out water, "What kept you?" Mark waves.
Vic fraps a fart near the fan boy. The small Oriental boy serves clams. Queen tells Vic he has reached his limit about the clams. The pilot, a near faceless, almost featureless mutant being with droopy eyes and mouth tells Vic, "Oh gaseous one, but shouldn't someone be manning the pump?" Vic is upset, "Jumpin catfish!! Poor Dewie ain't gettin no air!!!" Queen sighs, "Another page lost to fate. Whata shame...and he suffered so prettily too!" Vic feels bad and yells that the poor little guy packed it in because Vic was too wrapped up in his clams. The Oriental boy, turns as Dewie surfaces gasping, "Help me," over and over. The Oriental boy says, "Dewie!" They don't take the helmet off right away...if they do at all. Dewie gasps, shuts his eyes, "Can't go on...oooooo!" The Oriental boy shows them something he had in his hand...a lighter.

Fuego calls her captives, Gen and David, to the side to see her home...Barringarria, a hole in the sky. David says, "I wish I didn't have to pee so bad." Gen calls Fuego a witch and tells her she meant it. Fuego thinks Gen didn't mean it but Gen tells her she did. Fuego tells David, "You look troubled, boy. What is it? Something to do with this tight rubber suit?" She unzips the front and pulls it down. David sweats, "Uh, I uh have to go...bad!" She puts her hand down and pulls up his material,"Poor thing...does this help at all?" He geeps, "Not really!" He crosses his eyes. The ship enters the cliffs that go far up. David says, "Aahhhhhhh," his eyes closing dreamily and in relief. Fuego says, "Yes, the boy understands." One of the rat things tells her it is almost time to dock. She says, "Make it so!" Kaka Blackleach, a man with pointed nose and big roundears and large top hat and suit with tails, arrives with Tinee, a short curly haired Oriental monkey like boy like woman midget who picks her nose. She tells them they can have the boy and the girl but the wizard is her's