Demongate vol. 1 #6 Sirius, Oct 1996, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #6 cover Another dear diary from David. The weird little man called Blackleach had some really strange ideas in store for Gen and David. They are naked deep within pirate island. A boy dressed like a mouse giggles. Tini no likes them.Kaka, the man in large top hat, tells the Mouse Boy to take David to the mouse hole. David is standing with his butt to us, saying, "Is there a draft?" Two Mouse boys takes David. One tells him, "You'll like it!"
Tini is a girl and jealous of Gen. Kaka tells Gen to think of him as her husband.Gen says, "I want a divorce!!" He asks her how the boat works while high above, Fuego gets to know Griswald, wanting to own the planet in days. He doesn't want to own any planets. Flyboy Sweenie comes barging in, a man with long jacket, cap and goggles, beard, belt, pants and boots [first showing of Dick Sweenie]. She asks how he is and calls him Dick. "Don't dick me, I'm mad at you!" He pouts even though she tells him not to. Dickie has an airplane. Dickie calls her Peaches and she told him he could go on the next raid. Griswald tells him it wasn't a raid, she just stole his submarine. He calls her bitch and she tells him that vein in his forehead is sticking out again. A mouse boy pours coffee. Fuego needs them both in her war against Queen Ahranel. She wants to own the Demongates. Dick tells her she can't own them.
Kahnstantinophal: A massage boy gives the Queen a massage while a slave boy page looks on. A boy is dropped in front of her, his tongue sticking out and his eyes dreary, wearing a one piece. Vic tells her these are the best of the lot. A mutant toad mandrags a boy in a one piece as Vic tells her these boys, about four are the best of the lot. Another page holds a book. Vic tells her Grimaldy depleted her soldiers, "Did you know all of your army are just kids??" Grimaldy killed off all the human adults with his pesky germ warfare. Everyone past puberty died. Vic is making one of the boys, her guard, hold his breath because the Demongates are all underwater. She wants to free her people from a place now inhabited by mutants. Two boys, one with crewcut around the hea dand long hair in front only (and holding a stick or fishing pole and wearing a toga to show his right nipple) and another with short hair on the sides and thick curly blond-ish hair on top and a collar and loin cloth only, walk. She thinks the Demongates arrived from some advanced civilization. Another guard wumps down to the floor.
    Kaka tells Gen, "Oh I'm so hard. I mean it's so hard to find someone so boner, I mean so beautiful, as you, sweetie!! As you know I am considered to be a penis, I mean genius!!" He wants to engage her in the ancient herbal tea ceremony which will remind her of intimate thoughts.Tini watches them and "want tea." Mouse boys serve Fuego, Griswald, and Dick with drink and fruit. One bringing wine is David. He is in a mice outfit! "But you're the chosen one," Griswald says. A mouse boy with a bit of hair sticking out the top of his face mask laughs, "Heh heh!" He wraps his costume tail into and around David so David spills wine on Fuego. Dick wants him killed. Fuego takes him over her knee and asks for her riding crop which the bully Mouse Boy brings her, laughing, "Heh Heh Heh Heh," over and over.
On the rafters, Badger watches, "That David sure gets into it!" A winged frown mouthed little fella insect-man with a bowler hat on, comes down to Badger, telling him he is up in his place and called him rubber butt. He asks Badger, "Are you a boy or a girl ???"
The very next day, out to sea: Vic and the Queen are out dropping anchor and preparing to dive. Vic likes it when the Queen gives orders like that. A page looks scared, his finger by his mouth. Vic calls her highness, sir.
Griswald's Island: Mark (on his stomach) and Carl (on his side) sleep but tiny little Chipmonks or mice come on to their beach blanket which they share. Rings hold the sides of Mark's bathing suit together. A chip monk sits on his butt. Carl wakes him up, "They're kinda cute." Carl looks up, "Oh my..." Mark says, "Mine too........" A mansized version of the tiny rodents is coming out of the water in front of them. Mark and Carl hug each other. They scream.
The Queen has on a clearcone (with a tube to it) and is lowered as she sits with it on her head and her butt on a swing. A boy in diving suit looks up her, "Heh heh."Another boy is in the water and three others are ready to dive off the boat.A page lowers her. Another page looks upset, holding his cheeks, "Sheeeooo." Dewie starts the pumps. Two pages crank the pumps, looking at each other. The controls say Yamaha. Three divers holding their breath follow the queen who looks at something happening underwater. An octopus grabs five of the diver boys. "Vic, the demongate! It's horrible! Great slimy tentacles grabbing us all! It's horrible...the stench!" Vic calls down, "That's fabulous news, my queen! It sounds like you got through! You're describing Jersey City!"