Demongate vol. 1 #7 Sirius, Dec 1996, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #7 cover Gen and David (with mouse ears off) are in a cell bothered by Fuega and a Mouse Boy. Tonight she plans to make them walk the plank. Gen supposes it could be worse. The Mouse Boy gives them the middle finger, "You haven't seen the plank yet!!"
Dick has invented an aeroplane, many a lonely night spent dreaming it up. Dick sings his own theme song: "I'm Dick Sweeny, I'm a Flyin Man, I've reached such heights, no eagle can! I'm famous worldwide..." The Mice boys watch and one says, "To fly with him would be suicide!" "The world is my oyster, it's plain to see, there's no one better than me! My first flight was a big to do, the crowd was impressed..." The Mice Boy says,"Till you stepped in poo!" As Dick sings, he picks up one Mouse Boy and shoves him in a tank of goo and tentacles. "Peaches wants me, there's nothing she won't do..." Two remaining mice boys sing and lift their legs, "... not if your breath smells like doggie doo!" "I'm Flyboy Sweeny, I've designed a plane..." A mouse: "Proved to the world that he was insane!" There's more but it is so bad, it's almost cute. Dick shoves another mice boy into a trashcan.
Kaka has spent the last two days trying to seduce Gen. She poured hot tea down his pants... he was told it was a custom from where she comes. "My poor little monkey," Kaka looks down his pants. Tini is Kaka's wife and he admits she is barely human. Fuega knees Kaka between the legs and tells him Gennin and that annoying boy, David, are walking the plank tonight. A MouseBoy calls Kaka a loser but a hand grabs him and takes him behind a rock.Badger who wants his clothes. And Dinglesnap, the fly insect man who hammers the Mouse Boy on the head, wanting him to sleep.
Dog-Star calls Probe One's Conrad Roundshoe (fat mustached man) and Brenda (buxom blond in two piece outfit--denim pants and tied off top shirt). They are through the demon gate on this planet and the mice they have found seem to be friendly. Brenda asks the fat Professor if he stuffed some down his pants again while the Prof is on the radio. The giant mouse man carries Carl and Mark. Mark is the blond.Fuego tells Gen she can inspire David all the way down to the rocks from the plank over the huge cliff she will make them walk. Gen tells the rat man, "Aw die off!" Kaka's nose is always running but he feels sorry for his Gennie Poo, the only girl who toasted his squinkie. Dick and Griswald go aloft in the aeroplane. Kaka is told he reminds Fuego of a hemorrhoid. David is so scared. He is crying as he and Gen are forced out on the plank. Badger, in a Mouse outfit, "Enough of this farce!!" A pirate asks, "Did he say fart?" Badger jumps out and wings on a vine with a sword in his hand. David yells,"Badger!!!" His tail is around Gen who is behind him. Badger fights the pirates at the plank. Griswald asks Dick if he has a plan. He answers, "Does a bear crap in the woods? Just hold onto your gonads!!" Fuego asks someone to please to kill the annoying Kaka (and I wholeheartedly agree!!!). Gen and David leap onto the plane. Kaka runs out as Dick tells Gen to jump or face Kaka. Gen says, "We're gone!!" Badger jumps and barely makes it onto th ewing of the plane, David and Gen slipping off the body. Badger hits Kaka between the legs with a piece of metal (?). Fuega says, "Nice one." Tini is in the submarine and has been for some time. Tini moves the sub under Kaka to save him but this will kill him. The sub exploded when the moron landed onit, Badger relates. Griswald is just happy they saved his friends. The others wonder who Dick is talkin to when he talks about going off to parts unknown for a spot of adventuring. Fuega didn't think Flyboy Dick Sweeny had it i him to destroy her sub and steal her plane all in one night, "What a guy! She bids him good luck, "You made a choice we both have to live with...and drew a line in the sand. When next we meet, we will be bitter enemies and only one of us will survive! The one good thing is at least I won't have to listen to anymore of those stupid songs!!!!" Dick sings as his plane flies across the white clouded sky and the sun is rising