Demongate vol. 1 #8 Sirius, Jan 1997, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #8 cover Dragon Island: Badger, Gen, David, and Griswald are on the beach ,left, feeling awful. Sweeny's craft crashed into the sea (hopefully Sweeny didn't make it!!!). Griswald goes spying and finds beach cliffs. Badger once mentioned this place. There is plenty of jungle flora, fauna, and vegetation.A giant eye (with pupil) watches him. The other three hear him scream. They hear drums (boom over and over). David wonders to Gennin how come Badger was acting so strange. They find Griswald's tracks end at the tracks of a three toed giant dragon. Gen says, "I could be way off here but I think this is why they call this place Dragon Island!!"
Brenda and Roundshoe explain how they are from a secret organization from Earth called Dogstar. The Prof developedthe Demongates for them, hoping to materialize on other planets. Carl andMark wear t shirts with sleeves and on the front is a three pawed bear paw footprint. They also wear shorts like gym shorts. Somehow the Prof got his wires crossed and the gates began appearing in different dimensions, not on planets. Three men make radio contact with the Prof, who tells them there is nothing wrong and that there are no life signs here, just him and good ol Brenda.
Griswald finds himself on the Dragon's nest and finds bones. At the exact same time, David whines, "Gen, my feet hurt!" She tells him not to whine. Badger makes them follow along the beach until they can cut into the jungle. Once in the trees, Badger tells them they should be safe from the dragons. He is more worried about a tribe of wild headhunters. David asks,"Why can't we ever be on a nice, safe island?? I just wanna swim? Can we go home?" Griswald climbs down a bit but a very huge, giant dragon looks down from its perch on the top of the cliff ridge at him, smoke coming from its mouth, its eyes without pupils this time.
Later, night...David whines,"Gennin, I'm scared. I don't wanna be here. I want Griswald..." Gen yells at him, "David!!" They have made a fire under a tree. Badger hears something.David says, "Badger, if you are teasing.." The cat people with spears (and many have ear rings and more than one have more than one ear rings on one ear) come out. Gen says, "Nice kitty!" David backs from a spear, "Gen, shutup!! We come in peace." One lifts a head on a platform, "Fool!! I am the power here!! These pussies are mine!! And you are mine! Me! Remember me?!Grimaldy the Great....chief of the wild cat tribe of Dragon Island!! Neat eh?"