Demongate vol. 1 #9 Sirius, Feb 1997, b&w.
1 Demongate vol. 1 #9 cover Gen thinks the tribe will eat them once the drums stop. She and Badger notice David sleeping through it all, happy he is. He murmurs, "Choo ChooChoo Toot Toot!"
A conductor on a train that moves through woods, calls to a sleeping David, who has very long hair, a jacket, pants, and sneakers on. The train's last stop: Skillyhope. David thinks he is dreaming but it is so real--did he pass through a demongate? He wishes Mom and Dad were here.Snake, a girl with long blond hair and a cap on and Rat, a toothful man in leather jacket arrive. Rat talks about having fun with the New Boy. A crow caws. Snake pulls tights from his backpack, thinking he is a dancer. David says, "Kill me now." In sweat top and pants, Badger appears, seems to know Rat and Snake--who has put the tights on her cap, "Nice hat, Snake. Goin for that Madonna look?" He was sent to fetch David, "This way, David." David looks back, "My tights..."
David meets his Uncle Turner who looks like Griswald in cap and jeep. In the fenns and wildhunt ways, the Faerie folk are restless. Badger has a hand on Turner's shoulder as he sits in a chair smoking a pipe. Rat tells Snake that David is the one that Mr. Frost had them waitin for. Turner bids Badger good night and sighs that it is all happening over again and David is not ready.
Turner, the next day, drives David to Ms.Kimura's ballet class---this is Gennin in short crewcut. She makes a joke about David saying ballet is not that important. David smiles at her as she puts her hand on his neck and tells him to come inside. Inside a girl with dark hair, two boys, and another girl with blond hair practice in their tights and tank tops. A skinny, small boy, blond, watches with a smile. David studied ballet before in NY--his father wanted him to be ready for anything.Gen tells him her students call her Ms. Kimura. Badger it seems, in this dream, is a girl and jokes about the tight situation at the train station. In the changing room, David meets Tim and Tam, two Oriental twin brothers (a take on SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON'S Tim and Tam brother and sister). One puts an arm on the other and tells David, as they go out, if he ever needs something to let them know. David starts to take off his pants to his tights. Looking in the window, Snake says, "See? I told you he had a cute butt!" The two apologize to David, wanting to be his friends. He climbs out the window to talk to them, his pants pulled back up. They take him to be part of thei gang in a secret place...a cold graveyard. When he complains, Rat tells him,"Buck up, David, I can see you ain't no squint!" He says, "Okay." They take him to a cliff and a storm is coming. Rat pulls a knife and the pair toss David off into what their boss calls a demented gate...a demongate. David falls.
Turner feels it. Gen says, "The dark is rising!!" Badger, a boy again, says, "Frost!!" David falls into an open demon gate and falls and falls, cold. He lands in a pit where there are skulls, bones, and his falling sneaker. A creature rises from the bottom---teeth, tongue, eye stalk coming out of a nostril, four claws. David swims out of his pants. His life depends on it and the others feel their lives depend on him. He gets up to rain and falls as lightning cracks. A wolf jumps out at him. Another figure says,"Hold on, David!" It seems to be a wolf or cat figure. Someone has a long knife, fighting the wolves that attack David. Badger climbs over David,"David! Stay with me?" He keeps calling this over and over, a strange Oriental boy behind Badger, wearing a head cover. Snake and Rat go to old Frosty Nuts to get paid. Frost, in top hat and with pointed ears and demonface, opens an iron gate to talk to his dark master. A cat is with Frost,"Meow?" The face with fangs zaps the cat and Frost when he is told the thugs disposed of David. The face tells them David Patrick is alive and close to discovering the secrets of the Demongate. The humans that are dangerous are those of Dogstar. Frost says, "Oh ratty! Snake poo!" Snake and Rat arrive and tell Frost the punk is dead. Frost kicks Rat between the legs, then calms himself down, "Maybe if I go pull the wings off some bugs...yeah, that may do the trick!"