Foxfire #1 Night Wynd Enterprises, 1992, b&w.
1 Foxfire #1 cover All Foxfire issues by Barry Blair and Angel de Mioche.
CHAPTER 1-Foxfire on a full page in a short cut (literally cut with scissors) shirt superimposed over a fishing town (a seagull, one of many, is flying where Foxfire's navel would be). There is a poem by C. Thaxter about sullen clouds like silent ghosts and white light houses. Eastern Coast of Canada, Nova Scotia. A man-monster in top hat and cape with skull like face and fangs walks in snow. He eats a dead otter or other mammal. A green meadow inland: hounds chase a fox who becomes a long haired clothless boy with a strange wolflike hairdo and small fangs. He scares the hounds off. He sits and laughs, holding his knees. A long earred straw haired elf boy arrives between tree sand wears a Robin Hood-like hat with a point, a short cut tie-together vest, no shirt beneath, and tights under a belt. The elfling questions him about the side he will take in the war. Foxfire calls him Rowan-Kin and one of the Seelie Court. Foxfire tells him he is a free spirit who lives in two worlds.When the elf asks if he would not take sides with the faerie, he tells the elf boy that the unseelie are faerie as well. Foxfire is part fey but all were. He only wants to be left at peace and doesn't fight for anyone but himself. The elf war is screwing up the lay lines of the good earth. Foxfire puts on button up pants over long johns. The elf tells him that they have been watching Foxfire since Foxfire came here from across the water. They see he is not evil and would embrace him as one of them. Foxfire tells him,"You've got bogles in your tights if you think I'd belong to any tribe!" Th eelf calls it a court, not a tribe and calls Foxfire a skinwalker. Foxfire calls it a nuisance: kings, queens, magic, battles, smelly boggins and tricky Leanan Sidhe. Foxfire has lived all his life along and will stay alone. He will never grow old and won't belong. He puts on his short cut ripped shortsleeved tank top. The elf boy is gone.
CHAPTER 2-Full page of Foxfire superimposed over a snowy landscape with houses and a church, a rock coming out of the water, one of many, passes as his belly button. A nice spread. On this page is a poem from George Gordon Byron about the Angel of Death spreading his wings, the eyes of sleepers. Small town of Skillyhope: Mustached Renaldo is reading from the book, telling his pal Raymond that the next one of the pins should go into the solar plexus. Thick glass wearing, Raymond is taking very long pins which have small skull heads on the tops and sticking them into a boy who is spread out on a table, his hands above his head, his legs stretched down and probably tied or chained. The boy is wearing only the briefest of a loin cloth. Already there are many pins in him: on ein his upper left arm, one each in each side of his upper pectorals, one in each nipple, one under the right nipple, one just under his left rib, another further down but under his right rib, another between the two ribs in soft upper belly, one directly in his belly button, one in his lower right hip and lower on his far upper leg just after part of his loin cloth, anothe rin his upper leg just after that, the same is repeated on the other leg and the connector area from torso to leg. There appears to be blood dripping or coming from each one but it could also be shadows from the pins. The pulse on the wide eyed boy is quickening and his eye dilation is. Renaldo tells Raymond to try to stop the boy's cursed whining. The poor boy winces, closing his eyes, "Oh shit. Please, please, no more! I can't stand it! Just let me go. I won't tell!" Raymond moves his glasses up a bit, "Quiet boy. You're doomed-get it through your head!" He sticks another one in left rib. We also see one on the boy's right lower hip. The dark one arrives, the pages of the book go flying, the monster man in the dark cape and top hat. The boy says, "Oh shit!" The monster tells them the boy is not a sacrifice, he is dinner! The boy goes wide eyed. Morning in the forest and the first fall of Autumn's snow: a two foot elf who wears some kind of head cap wakes up Fox boy who is in his tree house. He jumps on his chest. He is a pixie not a bug as Foxfire calls him. The Seelie Court sent him to protect Foxfire, "You lucky doggie!" In his tights or long johns only, Foxfire figures if winter is very long, he could always fry the pixie up some cold night. The pixie somersaults, "You joke too much. Maybe some time when you sleep, I fry your nuts!" Foxfire smiles and rubs his eyes, "Alright, I'm up. So now what?" He admits to the pixie that he senses the evil but it is his motto to leave well enough alone. Foxfire puts on his short cut shirt and anunbuttoned leather jacket, no other shirt beneath either, and puts on his boots, too.
CHAPTER 3-Foxfire has buttoned his jacket. The demon man face hovers over a mountain as Foxfire walks in the snow. On this full page is a quote from Carl Sandburg about the voice of the last cricket, the first frost, a goodbye, and the thin splinter of singing. The season makes way for more snow and the friendship between Foxfire and Pixie kindles. Pixie wants to get more milk drops. Foxfire says, "Just what I need--a fat pixie!" Foxfire goes to the store where he sees Mrs. Jimmers shoveling snow. She tells him the town's folk are talking: they always see him but never his folks. Foxfire tells her they are kind of eccentric. Never go far from their cottage. Jimmers gasps as the demon faced man arrives and wants a word with Foxfire. He asks if he i sthe Rowan, Foxfire tells him to piss off. Skulls with four fangs grace the creature's wristcuffs on his sleeves. After the man grabs at his jacket sleeve, ripping the shoulder of the jacket open with his clawed fingers, Foxfire runs and jumps over a fence. The monster man wants him, figuring since he stinks of magic, he must be the Rowan. His disciples will soon have him. A blond man tries to warn Foxfire--he saw what happened. Since that Mr.Black arrived in town children are missing. Foxfire walks on a beam of a pier. Renaldo and Raymond attack Foxfire but he jumps off the pier. The pixie comes onto his shoulder but has to jump off when Ray throws a knife at him. A knife with a skull with four fangs on it. Renaldo grabs Foxfire from behind but the pixie shoots an arrow into his eye. Foxfire then turns into a fox and gets away. Ray is stunned, "What the hell...he is magic!" Pixie is on Foxfire's neck, "Fly Foxfire fly." Black feels the magic on the wind as Foxfire runs across the street as the fox, "How do I know those two idiots fouled up!" Foxfire changes back into a boy, in his naked form (one frame is part way through the transformation). Foxfire is freezing. Pixie tells him,"Let's go home." Foxfire pities that Rowan kid--the one Mr. Black is after and even now hissing his huge tongue out--like a reptile over the Rowan kid (in the EPILOGUE). Rowan is dressed in tights, boots, a hat, and jacket with fur lined sleeve cuffs. A poem graces the EPILOGUE: an IT that comes about the lawn, like a statue of stone, dressed in dark and mystery, the air was old by E. Recht, age 11, Australia.