Foxfire #2 Night Wynd, 1992, b&w.
1 Foxfire #2 cover CHAPTER 1: Poem by John Keats as Foxfire in fur cape walks beneath a snowy hilly landscape, a giant statue of a devil above. Foxfire isn't in his foxform because he doesn't want to be a treat for old man Watson's hounds. The pixie tells Foxfire that Rowan is a changling, a prince of the Redrowan Courtand doesn't know it. He was sent out as an infant to learn about humans, to abe a liaison between the Seelie Courts and the mortals but his memories needto be reawakened before Mr. Dark does. All will suffer: Sained, humans, and Fianias. Foxy calls Pixie by the name of Bug. Troll like creatures spy on Foxfire and the pixie. Foxfire thinks Captain Jack, a human, would make the best hero. Toad breath is one of the trolls. One wants to make for Sea CoastRoad.
CHAPTER 2: Rowan, hat off, walks near the coast as Jack smokes a pipe. S.Coleridge poem about the rotting sea and a deck with dead men. Dark makes the Rowan weaker. Two young men with pointy ears feel the ley energies clouding and know he is after the Rowan. Foxfire runs to Capt. Jack, who wonders what happened to his clothes. Foxy wants Jack to take him along the Sea Road. A goat faced monster and a long nosed troll with a fanged lower jawed troll are with Dark. He sends them out to stop the young men from the Seely Court. The Bogan monsters attack, one throws a rope around Robin's neck. The other puts a sword through one troll's head and neck. A Bogan bites Robin. The other pulls Robin from the Bogans, who follow them.

CHAPTER 3: William Beyer poem about a red fox. Foxfire and Jack are in hisboat. A fanged skull creature towers. A strange storm from Dark starts. Jack thought he saw Hank on the bow but Hank drowned this summer. Foxfire goes out with his knife but there are two ghouls on top of the cabin and three more outside. Foxfire is choked but he stabs his knife into the monsters' faces.More are in the sea trying to come aboard. Fox is wearing a long sleeved sweater and shorts but no shoes as he kicks at another monster zombie. Five of the things get him down. They turn him onto his back as he gets hold of his knife. A bald boy with a long, thick sword and wearing only a fur lined loin cloth cuts through the monsters. Foxfire stops Jack from shooting the boy... he is one of the good guys. More skeleton things attack, one is Hank who attacks the new boy! Pixie shoves a long pin into one monster's ear. It had Foxfire's arm. More and more monsters keep coming.Rowan, on the ground in the snow, orders Dark to stop. He kills the goat thing and runs out, then flying, to get the Princeling. Rowan fights Dark with a stick. He saw the boat and the trio fighting the monsters. Rowan beats Dark but the two men, Ray and Renaldo grab him from behind and kick him down into the snow. Dark smacks them for taking so long. Foxfire yells, "He has the Rowan!" Jack points, "Worry about that later! Look!" Rowan has his shirt off and is crying, his frame coming out of the water but in reality is a giant sea serpent-worm, attacking the boat. Pixie now has a loin cloth