Foxfire #3 Night Wynd, 1992, b&w.
1 Foxfire #3 cover CHAPTER 1-Fanged worm sea serpent eats Jack's boat with a zombie on top. The bald boy tells Jack to jump since a monster is chewing up his ass. Jack didn't want to jump since there are monsters in the sea. The boy and Jack jump into the water. The boy has turned into some kind of mer-boy with a tail. He rescues Capt. Jack and tells him he is a Selkie. Foxfire reaches for a rock and gets out of the water. Foxy calls for Bug but the Pixie comes up from his shorts, "I'm a pixie, flea bait!" Bug tells Foxfire that the Rowan is not dead but is as good as since Dark has him. Foxfire tells him that it is not over until it's over.
CHAPTER 2-A naked Foxfire over a dark caped Dark who has his claws on Rowan's shoulders. Ray asks about a sacrifice; Ren wants to share the power. Dark tells them if they do not get that Fox Boy, they will share his death. By the bald boy, Jack is told Foxfire is a wild faerie, a fiania, one of his kind .Jack admits he is a wild one. Jack thinks Foxfire is toasting his buns over an open fire. Sliding down a snow bank is one of the elf men fighting a worm ridden headed monster. The bald boy moves to help with a stick but is slapped. Jack shoots the monster Bogan. The Forester tells them his friend (Robin) is dead. If Rowan is sacrificed, the Host will rule the land. Bug worries about the undead Slough lurking just beneath the ocean. Foxfire and Pixie are trapped on a rock in the water. Dark flies off with Rowan. Foxfire jumps at them. Dark's clawed foot rips into Foxfire's shoulder and Foxfire falls. Ren and Ray get him, seeing him down in the snow and out, his shirt riding up. Ren ties his hands behind his back while Ray slaps him and his sweater is taken off. Fox bites Ray's hand, kicks Ren's face from in front of Ren, and flipping, gets his hands in front of him. Using his hands, he chokes Ray and bites his throat out. Then he gets behind Ren and using the ropes, chokes and strangles Ren.

CHAPTER 3- Pixie towers over Dark as Dark scratches his claws into a hanging Rowan, hanging from ropes around his hands and attached to a hook on the wood above him. Rowan is wearing a skimpy thong which has a skull with four fangs on the front. Rowan also has skull pins in him--one between his nipples, one on the uppermost rib, one on both his upper side legs. Dark scratches a pin across Rowan's lower right hip and up to toward his navel and above it. Dark tells the Princeling he will die and his magic will go to him. Dark uses his tongue on Rowan's neck. Rowan thinks himself is just a gypsy. When Dark walks away for a bit, Pixie tells Rowan he is a prince of the Seelie Court. Pixie throws the pin into Dark's left eye. As Dark runs at and tries to grabs Pixie, whom he calls a Fey, Foxfire shows up in ripped underwear and bandaged arm only. He jumps on Dark. Dark claws Foxfire's back and tries to use his tongue on him. Pixie tells Rowan to help Foxfire. Rowan, at first, tells him he is not but then says, "I am!" His bonds zap free. Rowan gets a stick and breaks it and throws the pointy shard at the Dark monster man. It sticks into his heart and he explodes. He was the only one who could kill Dark and Rowan just remembered it. Foxfire thinks Dark was vaporized. Dark is dead Foxfire says and the leys clear--they can feel it.
EPILOGUE: A giant fox over Rowan-free, Secure thou'll be. Rowan has Pixie on his hand as he walks out of the houses with Foxfire. Rowan has his jacket on his own shoulders.