Stardusters #1 Night Wynd Enterprises, 1991, b&w.
1 Stardusters #1 cover All Stardusters issues by Angel de Mioche.

The QLD and Federation of Stars is unaware they are less than on ethird the size of the Kolarian Empire. Bluge, capital of Planet Kolar iscelebrating its fleecing week, celebrating thieves. Amid varied alien lifeforms, Tapiet drops dishes and his boss, Glort, a monster, won't pay him. He stabs mean innkeeper Glort, the only one who would hire him, in the arm and takes his money and runs. A bar fight breaks out into a brawl with pteradon beings, wolf beings, trolls, spacesuited types with masks on. Tapiet goes to get fuel for BDC. A fanged faced alien named Sevens, reptile looking, bops Tapiet on the head and takes his bag of money. One half hour later, the boy wakes up. An insect creature leans out a window and tells him he would make a good vice mite but he passes. He would be dead or worse in a week if he joined the D and S Vice Guild. Rigell, a blond man and captain tells him to get this junk heap back to the planet he stole it from and get to school. Tapiet tells him he is not a child. Rigell threatens a spanking but Tapiet tells him, "You can't touch me." Rigell spanks him. Tapiet gives him the finger as alarms ring out. Worms are approaching. Tapiet kicks the machine BDC which is supposed to protect him. The machine with a worm like head tells him to let the humans think he is a street kid. Info that the Book has must be dispensed on command and could destroy whole galaxies. Tapiet argues that Rigell didn't have galaxies in mind to destroy, "Just my butt!" BDC calls Rigell compassionate but Tapiet calls him a dork. Rigell forces Tapiet to leave his rust bucket and takes him on a mechanical insect flyer. The two insult each other light heartedly. They go to the Defense Grid as a yellow storm and Grubs approach. It is a two dimensional plane where millions of power lines from the space station complex which launches the energy scrambler miss. Tapiet is trying to get a cure to a doctor, a race depends on it. Tapiet tells Rigell he is a Book, calling Rigell an asshole. Planets Kree and Finhave complete blackouts. Giant space worms are heading toward the planet. Tapiet gets himself sucked into raw space through an airlock and he breathes in a vacuum. Tapiet goes to Silverband, one of the giant space worms, one who calls Tapiet a dust mite. Tapiet tells Silverband he hasn't asked for his help before---but Silverband says, "No, must at Takon #4 and Blue Juseand..." Tapiet tells Silverband that he got him info on the Castors and the Stripes disease and on... Tapiet needs to go to Univerisum Sector 71A, Sub 43, Supra 9. The worms have never gone that far. The dimensional wave is approaching that sector. The worms' energy nets are full and they don't need to drain any planets in this sector. Tapiet asks him to get his spaceship BDC. Silverband calls him a pushy little bastard. Lt. Bayle has a launch from Meat Town, where Tapiet lives. The worms have energy flowing. Rigell won't attack them but his second in command... Lt. Bayle orders the station to fire at the worms. Silverband tells Tapiet to get to a power band before he gets hit by the missiles. Tapiet is confused why Rigell would do this. Tapiet is blown off the worm. Bayle stands up as the worms fire electric bolts and he is incinerated. The Grid is getting destroyed. Rigell orders the Grid evacuated. Rigell takes off with a corporal who is a cat. The Grid blows up. Rigell wants to get to his ship at #4 Dry Dock. The worms leave just as Corporal told Rigell to get some worms cooked for him. Rigell has to know if Tapiet is all right. Tapiet lies unconscious on a worm, blood coming out of his mouth.