Stratonaut #2 Night Wynd, 1991, b&w.
1 Stratonaut #2 cover Kess tells Henry that a pack of skins and a nutty woman have Perri. Kess perches on the springboard of the high rise. "I think he's been taken to be transformed into one of the brainwashed bat things for the people in the blimp." The ones in the blimp are using bat kids to steal things from the tops of buildings. Kess jumps off and can't understand why Henry is being so tight-assed about his helping Perrigrin--Perri would the same for him.
Kess loves the flying--it feels great. He doesn't like the part that comes next...being attacked by bat boys from the blimp. A mile above ground, a boy grabs Kess. The captain in the blimp wants the wings in one piece so when theboy and Kess start to fall, he fries the brains of the boy and others outside. Kess wonders what kind of monster is in command up there. On a scaffold, more bat boys are lowered. Kess gets a launch rack to go back inside the dirigible. It releases and the three boys on it don't have wings. Kess is upset that he just killed those three, "I didn't know." Inside, he is jumped by two more. Someone calls Henry and tells him they have Kess.
Kess wakes up with the wings and helmet off but tights and head cap on. Talking to him via a camera radio, the captain knows Kess's name. He will soon outfit all his slaves with the wings which are a prototype. Kess calls him a bastard. Kess takes off his head cap. The leader plans to rule the city andwill use Kess to lead a new flying unit once they brainwash a new batch of kids. His slaves have stolen the components to an atom bomb. Kess decides to try to pull the stupid ship apart when the guard bat boy won't let him out. He will rip his way into the gas bags. The guard comes in and Kess punches him, "Stupid idiot." Kess gets on top of him and hits his head against the floor. Kess thinks he was tough--whatever they do to the kids also gives them strength. He puts his head cap on and sees a boy near a doorway out. Two men soldiers point guns at him. Kess jumps onto the bat boy's front and falls with him, "Sorry, pal, but I need these wings." Kess pulls the wings off the kid and puts them on, knocking the kid off him and the kid falls to his death. "This is terrible. I don't know if I can go on." The captain calls him a little prick who could ruin everything. Kess lands in a wooded area and figures it is upstate NY. The captain tells Henry via phone to kill the little swine...Kestrel.