Stratonaut #3 Night Wynd, 1991, b&w.
1 Stratonaut #3 cover Kestrel stretches and sacks out in upstate NY woods. He feels like he slept on a pile of rocks.
Henry is driving in a jeep (looking like an older version of Barry perhaps?) and lamenting the fact that Kestrel is a meddling little shit and that he has to kill him. Three skin heads hunt for Kess'head. He jumps down a hill and lays low. In a dark place, the captain with his hat off, has Perri, Perri's shirt off, tied to a post. Perri cries when the captain tells him Kestrel tried to rescue him. He is ready to begin his brainwashing on Perri and tells the black boy he has no hope left.
Kess straddles a tree to hide from the three bald guys. He has a pointed shaft of wood from the tree which he spears into the back of and out the upper chest of one. The other two run away. Kess laughs.
He jumps down and lands low, seeing the legs of Professor Henry. Henry asks where Kess has been. "Getting tossed out of a blimp, shot at, sleeping in the friggin' forest, and chased! "Henry pulls a gun on Kess. Kess runs but Henry chases him and sees him. Perri is stretched out with a head band on with wires attached and his shirt off. Perri cries as the energy begins. The phone rings. Kess hears the captain say Kess is alive. Even though previously, his arms are up over his head and tied at his hands--wrists, in another shot, his arms are down. In the next, he pulls his hands out of the ropes which are tied over his head! Perri gets away and outside some castle like house.
Henry didn't want to have to carry Kess's body (a shrimp as Kess is) back to the jeep. The new Nazi party will pay Henry money for the new wings. Kess says, "But I thought we were friends." When Henry tells him he is better off dead...being too curious, Kess turns, "How can you say that? You were like a father to me!" "I can't take it any more," Kess cries and then sits down but picks up a rock in one hand as he bawls. When Henry tells him to buck up and show a little backbone, Kess hits him over the head with the rock.
In the jeep, Kess, looking quite uh, big, in his very tight tights, finds a map. He takes the jeep. A bearded troll like man tells the Master the bomb is complete. The master gets off the phone and finds Perri gone, he is now unable to wreck this kid's...."Dicks!!" The Master continues to call insults and throw fits. Henry vows to fix Kestrel for this. Chateau Red Field is where Kess is driving to, the wind in his long hair, making him look angelic. He finds a crying Perri. Kess wants to go into the chateau but Perri tells him that is where he just came from.