Samurai vol. 2 #2 Aircel, 1988, colour.
1 Samurai vol. 2 #2 cover Pat McEown, Barry Blair
1.0 BLITZKRIEGˇan assault by Prof. Stringfellow and Velvet Black's forces on a church ends with Brother Micheal and his disciples all being killed. Black kills a man on a phone...a man who will have the swords. A corporal tells her that one got awayˇan old man. Black calls for her lieutenant to get Homer on the radio.

1.5 INTERLUDEˇGen embarrasses Simon, telling him he did very well at ballet class and she will make him into the next Barishnykov, prompting Yue to make fun of him in the locker room (with posters of CATS and Kirov). Simon leaves Archie, who is taking the boys back to Splinter. Simon is going with Gen to meet Hotachi and John. Arch says, "I don't think..." Simon, as he leaves says, "They don't pay you to, later arse." Using "arse" makes one think Simon is British.

2.0 PURSUITˇGen brings Simon to the pubˇˇa bouncer that used to work for Gennin's bar lets them in. Simon thinks the people in here are not wellˇˇa rock band shouts out, "satan." Hotachi chases an old man who has been staring at him. Gen has quit her waitressing job. Gen hooks up with her lover Erin, a white haired girl. Someone shoots the "old man" that was making Hotachi follow him...and tripping Hotachi up. Homer meets Hotachi in the alley. The old man is dead in a dumpster.

1945: China: Commie soldiers and Japanese snipers. A young Homer saves little boy Hidiochi from soldiers. Kuomintang pals are no match for the firepower of the others. Homer, blond here, and the boy get food which is dropped in on parachute. Gen wakes up Hotachi who has been dreaming this.

2AM and John is coming by after dropping Simon off. Hotachi says, "At 2 AM? Velvet's gonna shit twinkies." He also thinks, "Challenging authority now, eh, Simon? That's the spirit, kid."