Samurai vol. 2 #3 Aircel, 1988, colour.
1 Samurai vol. 2 #3 cover Layouts, Inks, ColoursóBlair
2.5 SATORIóHotachi tells Gen about weird dreams about he being in WWII with Homer. Hotachi goes to find info from the computers at Splinter HQ but is denied access by the computer codes. He uses override 11162. Kamakazi appears. It seems she and now he know that he is not really Toshiro's clone. Prof. Stringfellow and Black knew. Kamakazi gives him the short sword.

3.0 CONSPIRATIONóBlack orders no survivors when they attack a church they suspect belongs to the Master. Something Homer says (and Homer looks like Bogart now) triggers off a memory:
1945: Hidiochi is pissed because his Zero crashed and he wanted to ram it up the ass of an American battleship. The war is over though. The kid takes Homer to a temple. A white Russian is there. The kid got the swords and slaughtered the Red Chinese army.
The Master (who looks as if he came out of original issue 7) tells Hotachi to meet him at Lebretton Flats at noon.
3.5 INSURRECTIONóArch wants to take Simon home from the ballet class as he is taking Lee and Yue. Gen wants Simon to have a private lesson. When John arrives, Arch leaves with the other two boys. Gen knows that Homer means trouble for Hotachi. John waits for Hotachi upstairs. Simon looks older and more muscular.
4.0 PRELUDEóWayne Rustic, reporter, interviews Black about the terrorists who are planning to blow up the tenements. John runs out after seeing this on the news.
4.5 RESOLUTIONóHelicopter men arrive at the Master's meeting with Hotachi. The Master has his own ghouls which Hotachi begins to cut down with his sword. Black orders her troops to open fire on Hotachi and The Master, making Homer angry. Hotachi is hit but John gets to him. The Master gets the swords and burns up into a skeleton and dies at the same time rockets from the helicopter blast him. It was the swords. No sign of Hotachi or John Biggs. Homer finds a card, undamaged by the rockets, with a black dove on it.