Samurai #1 Aircel Publishing, 1988, b&w.
1 Samurai #1 cover Barry Blair
Preface: A year has passed since Splinter's last clash with Hotachi. Since the latter's disappearance, Splinter has managed to instill Martial Law over The City. Enter The Black Dove, a faction of freedom fighters, bent on the destruction of Splinter and the pursuit of peace and democracy in The City. Hostilities and tensions escalate as diplomatic solutions falter and violence becomes commonplace. Welcome to The City, the Samurai's turbulent and deadly world.
HARDCORPS˝Velvet and John Stringfellow discuss how their plans have worked out. Dr. Otto Arkoff enters as Homer talks to both. He is helping them. Homer wants to leave and go hunt up some fresh air. Black feels Homer can be dealt with. Arkoff says with John Stringfellow's mechanical wizardry and his own genius, they will soon have the ultimate cloning device and with it, Black says, they will have an army that will crush all opposition to this new Master Race. They are after the monkey boy, Da Feng, who Archie Bodonie and Quan have gone to abduct off Monkey Island.
WILD BOYS˝Two monkey boys on the island run from a jeep driven by Archie. Quan stuns them. With coaxing, he hopes to get out of the boys the location of Da Feng.
ALLEGRO˝Gen opens the changing room at her ballet class, causing lots of comments from the other boys inside and one who eeeks because he is naked (Lee maybe). Yue tells the guys that Gen is interested in girls and Simon likes boys. Simon is called teacher's pet but he tells Yue he has to be told. Yue takes Lee out, telling him that Alex and Simon want to be alone. Alex tells Simon that Yue sees him as a threat. Gen calls her two star pupils. Simon tells Alex about a card in his bag˝˝a card of the Black Dove.
HEADBANGERS˝Tucker tells John Biggs that the Black Dove is responsible for the current resistance˝˝now the Black Dove is a one woman show. The Dove rescued John from the inferno. They think Hotachi is dead. Three soldiers make John assume the position. Hotachi drives up and swords into them as they attempt to shoot him. Hotachi tells John to contact Black Dove and he leaves. He drives off and jeeps of soldiers follow.
ROAD WARRIOR˝Unit 13 is after a Black V8 Interceptor, no plates, driven by Samurai. Hotachi shoots a soldier off a motorcycle and the guy falls into a jeep which crashes. Hotachi steps on the brakes, gets out after the jeep is stopped, and shoots the driver and the other man. The jeep blows up. Hotachi stands near a damaged building.