Samurai #2 Aircel Comics, 1988, b&w.
s Samurai #2 cover Preface: Da Feng is leader of an immortal group of children on Monkey Island. Splinter wants to use him to create an army of zombie like immortal clone warriors.

STORY: Rockcliffe Park: Hotachi Kimura eats first after days since last issue, then fights some punk reward seekers (one is named Dirk). Hotachi tells one, "Give this up, fool. Can you not see that you will die?" He bashes his face in. Gen takes Alex and Simon out to skateboard. Gen calls Alex a sweet talker when he calls her the prettiest tyrant he's ever seen (speaking about her ballet lessons). Simon bemoans the fact that his dad is working for the force that oppresses the city and feels like his dad doesn't want him around. Prof. Stringfellow tells Black he created Hotachi. Ar. Arkoff shows Yue (who is telling Arkoff how great everything is) and Lee (who is getting sick of Yue's complimenting Arkoff). Arkoff will show Yue the serum that will be used to create the new army. They leave Lee alone. Monkey Island: Da Feng is watching Quan and Archie who cannot get anything out of the captives they have...yet. Homer goes to a bar where the bartender, Ron, talks to him. Tucker is there, too, and he offers Homer a place to the church. Homer accepts. In the restricted area of the city: a soldier throws a cigarette...and it lands near Hotachi, who steps on it. John and a fellow wait for Hotachi, who shows up almost out of thin air, scaring the "beejeebers" out of John and the man. Hotachi says, "John, this fellow is not the Black Dove!" A girl shows up˝˝and says, "That's right, sugar, because I am." She wants them to kick a lot of buns. The logo at the bottom: "and next issue...they do."