Samurai #3 Aircel, 1988, b&w.
1 Samurai #3 cover Black Dove wants to attack Splinter now but Hotachi reminds her about the children: Simon, Alex, Lee, and Yue as well as Prof. Stringfellow. She reminds him that her father made his choice when he joined Splinter. He turned his back on her years ago and spent the last few years trying to brainwash Simon. Hotachi tells her the Simon is his friend and has a mind all his own. Black tells Archie that he and Quan are two weeks late with Da Feng. Quan reports that after several days of intense torture the two captives told about where the camp was. Quan and Archie firebombed the camp using grenades and concussion charges˝˝there were many casualties which doesn't concern Black. Archie seems very fond of Black. Alex and Lee watch as the others, including Yue and Stringfellow take DaFeng away to the lab, the immortal boy, now prone. Prof wishes Simon were here to see this new dawn of a new era but Yue tells him to forget about him. The Prof tells Yue he is a truly good boy. Alex tells Yue he would like to bust DaFeng out of the lab before he and Lee "go over the wall" away from Splinter. In a pub downtown, Simon and Gen talk. She jokes that he may be so glum because maybe they canceled "The Real Ghostbusters." Gen is the black sheep of her family. They talk about how they miss Toshiro. Gen can see him when she closes her eyes. There is a flashback to when Toshiro fought Ninja who invaded his apartment and a fire started. Hotachi had been cloned from Toshiro's dead father Hidiochi. Homer made him realize this. He turns toward his brother to find out which direction he should follow: caution or attack. Flashback to when Toshiro took out the "Great Yakuza" crime boss, his guards, and his bodyguards. He lets Dove and John Biggs know that the time to attack has come.