Samurai #4 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
2 Samurai #4 cover Black Dove seems to be riding Hotachi; John tells her to stop it. She and Hotachi know from experience that Arkoff has to be stopped. Lee comes into Alex's room, the two ready to "blow this popsicle stand." The windows are wired. Lee has all of his stuff. He and Alex want to find Simon once they are out. The two run into Quan. In black leotards, Simon and Gen scale a wall and go over it to rescue DaFeng "and the others." There are security cameras that Simon knows about but no guards on this side. Tucker thinks Homer is too old to fight at all. Homer is going to fight Splinter too. In a jeep, Hotachi and Sue fire weapons while John drives. They head for a garage at the side to get to the lab. Yue knocks Alex down and kicks Lee down and knees Alex's head. Lee kicks him between the legs from behind and hits him into a wall. Lee tells Alex, "Let's put him in a closet or something," while helping Alex up. Velvet finds Simon and Gen in spotlights and insults them. She threatens to shut down the ballet class as she has in the past. She has been watching both of them for some time. Velvet takes out a stick, planning to kill Gen, then take care of the kid. Archie and Quan stop Homer and Quan wants to shoot him. Lee and Alex knock Homer out of the way into a corner. Homer shoots at Archie (who yells, "Rats!") but doesn't get him yet. DaFeng is on a slab in Arkoff's lab. Arkoff tells Prof. Stringfellow that they should have killed Sue years ago. He almost seems to agree. With blood from DaFeng, they have the formula. Arkoff tells the Professor to guard the formula while he will not hide. Sue, Biggs, and Hotachi have arrived. Arkoff opens his jacket to reveal a huge body that comes marching at them, "I vill handle our guests!!!"