Samurai #5 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Samurai #5 cover THE GAME OF DEATH: John is carrying DaFeng. Arkoff tells Samurai that he has hounded him for years. Sue blocks Arkoff from Hotachi but she is quickly grabbed by Arkoff and crushed, despite Prof. Stringfellow's objections! Archie tells Homer he is "gonna" die. Homer shoots Quan in the head and Quan dies. Archie gets a shaking hand gun pulled on Homer but Homer has his gun at Archie's head. Homer shoots him in between the eyes, "Sorry, Arch." Velvet menaces Gen and Simon with her electro wand. Simon, angry, knocks into Black and Gen jumps up and kicks her down and out. Biggs tells Hotachi while the Nazis are distracted, he should let "em" have it. John Biggs fires a gun and kills Professor Stringfellow, shooting him in the heart and knocking his glasses off. Arkoff punches at John's face and seems to rip it off, killing him. Arkoff says, "It's only you and me, Samurai." Yue finds Commander Black on the floor (why didn't Gen and Simon kill her?). Black says something like, "It's all gone. They lied to me...Now it's gone." She strikes Yue in the stomach with her electro wand, apparently zapping him into his death. She says, "Master race, cloning, so much killing, so many lies, I must get answers but not here, far, far away." She leaves through a secret door. During the Second World War, Arkoff claims to have fought Hidiochi, "All the years that followed, I've been harassed by a Kimura." He smashes his fist into a wall, missing Hotachi. This leaves Hotachi free to put his sword into Arkoff's face and out the back of Arkoff's skull. There seems to be a fire. The surviving friends meet Hotachi who tells them, "Arkoff was right, my friends, an era has ended." Epilogue: a few days later at Splinter. Hotachi tells Gen that Black is probably in Mexico. Splinter has been disbanded once "its officer were killed." Gen asks about him; he asks about Simon who Gen admits has lost both his father and sister in one shot. It'll take awhile. Gen is taking the kids with her to Monkey Island to bring DaFeng home to his tribe. She tells them they could all use a vacation and asks him if he wants to come. He says, "Been fightin' a lot of wars, sis. I just want a rest."