Samurai #6 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Samurai #6 cover Homer, nervous puttering around in the China Sea, takes Simon, Lee, Alex (who appears to have been working out and is much more muscular), Gen, and DaFeng to Monkey Island. Lee is wearing an outrageous sleeveless short cut shirt with a half of it semiómesh. Lee pretends, as they launch a dinghy to visit DaFeng's tribe, they are on Treasure Island. Simon says, "Ah..die off." Alex, wearing a cap, an open jungle jacket with no shirt beneath says, "What a dink." The guys good naturedly tease each other. Lee bounces off the walls, mentioning snakes which makes Simon nervous. Alex wonders if they deliver pizza. DaFeng gets a sudden chill. DaFeng hits a gong at a temple, the best way to call the tribe to him. About four come out, one is called Che. One (Che?) gets shot by youngóish somewhat Oriental looking jungle fighters. DaFeng gets Simon down but Lee and Alex are captured. Gen asks a drinking Homer if he heard shots. The jungle fighters take the two to a fort where an old man leader with glasses is. He feels that no amount of education does these wild boys any good. A buck toothed boy is grabbed by DaFeng and Simon gets his rifle. The boy tells DaFeng that his tribe is no more: either dead, slaves, or reóeducated. The Kamir Rouge owns this island. The boy tells Simon that he ran from Kamir Rouge once before, "Have you already forgotten?" Simon tells him nothing is forgotten (an earlier adventure). DaFeng hits the boy down. Lee and Alex are only in their bathing suits, tied to a horizontal piece of wood while a man with a spiked tool threatens torture. The boys who warned DaFeng and Simon are being tortured behind them in some cave. General Fan questions them; Alex tells him they were on their way to Disney World and took a wrong turn. A boy pushes Lee's head back when he makes a similar comment. Fan seems to stick Alex but is only really punching him. Fan tells his boys to put Alex and Lee in the pit. Kimi, a boy is an aide to Fan. Their first target is Vietnam and then Asia, spreading out from the islands. Alex is a clone...a later batch than Hotachi's and the last group with special powers. There are other half naked, tied, long haired boys in the pit with Alex and Lee. Simon puts on the captured boy's uniform and his gun. DaFeng has the boy gagged and in only his shorts. He could "finish him off right here" but he is hoisting him up on a thick vine, head facing the ground. Alex's spectral self astral projects to DaFeng and Simon to tell them what is happening. Simon has seen Alex do this before but not this clear. The two boys leave the fighter hanging upsidedown and Simon looks back at him, smiling.