Samurai #7 Aircel, 1989, b&w.
1 Samurai #7 cover Gen is worried that the guys have been gone all night. Homer isn't: he thinks they are telling campfire stories. Kimi is using a torch to try to make Lee talk. Two guard boys bring in a boy in a hooded mask and capeóthe tribal wizard, who won't talk. They kick him across Lee and Alex. The tribal wizard was tortured by them but he can make his ropes be gone after the guards and Kimi leave. He suggests Alex take his cloak and hood to scare the guardsóóthe tribal wizard boy feels great power in Alex. DaFeng attacks two boy guards in the jungle, Simon holds a rifle on one and DaFeng punches that one down, too. Alex says, "This is stupid. I feel like a dork," to which Lee says, "Yeah but you look real good." Making himself spectral, Alex scares Fan and his small cohort using phrases like, "Luke, trust in the power of the force. I am the ghost of Christmas past." DaFeng throws a torch into the ammo hut. Simon frees the prisoners and is found by Alex. Simon asks Alex if they should go down and join the fun. Later, the soldiers are all gone, having fled. Lee figures they work well as a team and wants costumes when they get back but doesn't think Gennin should have one.
    Backup story: "Team Nippon"
  back story first page TEAM NIPPON PREVIEW: A fat bellied punk with a rifle in an alley is distracted by Alex's life forceóóAlex is wearing a costume. Simon is on a skateboard, whizzing past, wearing a skateboard costume. Lee, in a skintight outfit and mask tells the crook, while he bats him with his nunchuk sticks that the crook has just met Nightwind (Alex) and Thrasher (Simon). Lee calls himself Nunchaku. The assassin pulls at gun on Lee's face. "Killin' people is my job, kid, and I'm real good at it." A bloody sword comes out of the man's chest. Gen is behind the man with a mask on and is says, "SO is Samurai!" "See more in Team Nippon #1, coming in June."